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Designed as a mink trap, but will also work great on squirrels, weasels, and other small rodents. 

This trap has been around for over 20 years. 

It is a 4.5" diameter tube, 15" long, 21 gauge steel construction. 

The animal enters the trap from either end, steps on the firing pan in the center of the trap and the double torsion spring fires.  This is a lethal trap. 

The trap can be baited or not. 

Made In The U S A


Steel tube trap

Very quick delivery, received in good shape, packed well. Well made steel trap, strong spring, quality built trap. Very happy with this small but powerful trap.
I painted mine camo to blend in with surroundings. It works as designed, should last a long time.
I now know where to look for other trapping supplies.
Bob. - Bob

great squirrel trap

I have several of these and use them often. Great for various sets. Can be made into a positive set also by making small cuts in the end and bending into tabs. - Anonymous


This is a well thought out design constructed of durable materials. The tube diameter is perfect for small game and other varmints. Length is adequate to prevent bait robbing by larger scavengers. Critters may enter from either end and the spring delivers deadly force. - Don

Tube trap

I haven’t received the trap yet so I’m not able to rate it. I’m hoping it works as good as the person who recommended it. - Anonymous