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The Standard Coyote Starter Kit is the perfect starter kit for someone just getting into trapping coyotes and doesn't want to spend a fortune to do so. This kit represents $250+ value if all the items were purchased separately. By purchasing this kit you save over $50.00.

All AuSable Brand Products are Proudly Made in The United States of America!

The PCS Outdoors Standard Starter Kit Includes the following:

AuSable Standard Coyote Kit
Quantity Product
6 Bridger #2 Coil Spring Dogless Offset Trap
1 AuSable Brand Magnum Stake Driver - 24"
1 AuSable Brand 7x7x2 HD Sifter - Orange
1 AuSable Brand HD Steel D-Handle Trowel
6 AuSable Brand Trap Anchor Cable Stake - 15"
1 AuSable Brand HD Digging Hoe
6 J-Hook Rivets
1 Gallon Bag of AuSable Brand Sheep Wool
1 24-Pack of #2 Pan Covers
1 25-Pack of Zinc Write On Traps Tags
1 Pete Rickard Yellow Wax - 5LB Block
1 1LB Bag of Red Logwood Trap Dye
1 Pint of AuSable Brand Coyote Urine
1 1oz Caven's Yodel Dog
1 1oz Mark June's Windwalker
1 Pint of Cavens Predator Bait 
1 PcsOutdoors Canine Trapping DVD
1 PcsOutdoors Skinning & Fur Handling DVD

Proudly Made in America!

They Work

Having never trapped before and having a coyote problem I need to take care of, my research lead me to buying this starter kit. After watching YouTube videos and a little bit of trial and error, I have now taken six coyotes out of our land in less then 60 days. There are two less males and four less females, one of which was pregnant with 4 females and 1 male pup. two of the other females were nursing.
If coyotes are and issue, buy this kit watch the video or YouTube and solve your problem. - Joey

Absolutely Great

They have a wonderful customer service and will respond with any inquiries you may have. I really recommend Animal TAS. - Anonymous