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The Basic Beaver Starter Kit is the perfect starter kit for someone just getting into trapping Beavers and doesn't want to spend a fortune to do so.

All AuSable Brand Products are Proudly Made in The United States of America!


Basic Beaver Kit - $130 Value - $30+ Savings
Quantity Product
3 Duke #330 Body Grip Trap
3 AuSable Brand #330 Stabilizer
3 T-bar Stakes Approx 18"-24"
1 AuSable 26" HD Aluminum Body Grip Setter
1 1LB Bag of Red Logwood Trap Dye
1 3.5LB Roll of 11 Gauge Trapping Wire
1 Body Grip Safety Tool
1 1oz Dobbins Backbreaker
1 PCS John Chagnon Water Trapping DVD


They are out of the Trap Tags with the kits, and we only have a limited supply left that can be ordered separately.

Proudly Made in America!

Good Quality

Good quality...decent shipping time. No complaints from me. Exactly as advertised. I will order from this company again in the future. - Jay

Beaver starter trap

Trap works great I got 2 beavers in 2 days The only problem with the order was the CD didn’t work but the company is sending a new one out. - James

Starter kit

Great products. It worked. Got 50 lb beaver first time. But h stands are a little too short - Earnest Travis

Trap 1, Beaver 0

Arrived faster than expected. Complete kit made it easy to install without worry or need of finding parts elsewhere. Aluminum trap setter is awesome, allowed me to keep my hands safely away from the trap and the increased leverage made setting them a breeze. Coming with three traps greatly increased my odds of catching that tree cutting machine before it leveled all my newly planted cypress along the creek. - KC

330 Conibear Traps

Traps were sturdy, package arrived in timely manner, but video was damaged by the traps in the box. The box was not sturdy, items shifted and the video had a hole through the case, puncturing the video. - Diane Bridges

Great kit

Great kit comes with more than needed to catch those beaver. Delivered faster than expected as well. - Dalton lavender

Beaver Starter Kit

Great stuff, all good, thank you!! - ChELILW