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  • Price $71.95 EACH

Model M40H is a flush mount double door repeating catch trap.  It is designed to capture upwards of 10 rodent sized animals per setting.  This includes animals such as fox squirrels, grey squirrels, and rats.  

The one way door makes it easy for animals to enter but they are not able to push the doors open from the inside.  This trap features two 4" wide spring powered double doors and a 5"x5" flip open release door.  

It weighs 5 lbs and measures 24L x 24W x 4H".  This trap is made from 1 x 1 – 14 gauge galvanized steel wire and is strong, reliable, and requires no maintenance.


I bought the trap and put it into use in the late afternoon. Within 10 minutes I had caught the first squirrel and three hours later, there were 3 squirrels in the trap. I caught 4 squirrels in the first two days and I am hoping to catch more. I used bird seed as bait and it worked great. I would highly recommend this trap to quickly remove large quantities of animals from your property. - William