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Model 306SQ is a squeeze cage for cats, raccoon and similar size animals.  This cage measures 20L x 11W x 12H" and is constructed of 1 x 2" - 12 gauge wire mesh.

Squeeze Cages are excellent for vaccinating and examining animals.  The internal squeeze panel can be pushed forward until the animal is firmly held between the panel and the opposite side of the cage.

The squeeze cage also features a plastic bottom tray for animal feet comfort that is removable for easy cleaning.  

The squeeze panel arm handles fold flat and lock into place with a clip for easy storage when the squeeze panel is not in use.

This cage also has a removable sliding door that matches up nicely to the rear sliding door of our 10W x 12H" and 10W x 10H" traps for easy transfer of animals.

Valuable Equipment

These squeeze cages are so valuable when working with feral cats. I do spay/neuter on feral cats in the community, and not all kitties are the nicest. These cages allow us to humanely handle these cats without ever actually touching the cat! - Samantha

Squeeze cage

Nice cage, I was glad to see no burrs on it. It works smoothly and efficiently. There are 2 minor drawbacks: there is not anything there to secure the push bar when folded up and second, the latching hasp & closed snap hook are poorly thought out. It’s not a big deal to correct on my part. I am happy with the product, if needed I would buy again. - Ty Pashia