TOMAHAWK M35 Multiple Catch Rodent Trap

  • Price $32.50 EACH

Model M35 is a multiple catch trap that is great for small rodents such as chipmunks and small squirrels and can hold four or more at a time.

This trap measures 26 x 3.5 x 3.5" and is constructed of 1/2 x 1" - 14 gauge wire mesh.


WEIGHT: 2 lbs

SIZE: 26 x 3½ x 3½

WIRE: ½ x 1 - 14 gauge


These are good traps. The door at both ends means you can catch squirrels coming or going without needing to set two traps. The handle is also on one of the corner edges, so it stays out of the way when you are attaching the traps to a wall/soffit. - Steve Waldner