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Model 409 is a floating turtle trap designed to catch many turtles at a time. When turtles climb up on the two ramps to sun themselves the gravity trap panels (9" x 15") tip into the trap compartment and they fall into the trap.

Made with aluminum ramps, 1" x 1" – 14 gauge coated mesh frame, and strategic ¼" steel reinforcing rods make this the strongest and most durable floating turtle trap available. The wire mesh is coated with the same material used on lobster pots in salt water.

Along with turtles naturally entering the trap from sunning on the platforms you may also entice turtles to enter the trap by using chopped raw fish for bait enclosed in a sack or bait box placed inside the trap.

This trap measures 24L x 20W x 18H.

Turtle trap review

Well made unit, easy to assemble and in the the water. Just need to catch a turtle in it and we will be good to go! - Brock Moody

Works Great!

Trap works great. Once the weather cooperated and gave me cool water on a warm day the turtles crawled up and fell right in. Caught 5 in one day. The trap is easy to get into place and easy to check. Seems to be built well enough to last for years. I would recommend it to anyone needing a trap to help control slider and painted turtle populations. - TB10155

Works Great

Easy to assemble. Placed in pond and after the first hot sunny day had 11 turtles in the trap. Easy to place trap with turtles in truck and relocate.
Highly recommend. - Anonymous


We have a 1 ac. pond that was overrun with red ear sliders. This trap has average about 2-3 turtles per day for a few weeks now. We've caught a variety of sizes between 12' and 2" long. It's very easy to assemble and empty from a little aluminum jon boat.
I HIGHLY recommend this trap. - RMB

Turtle Escaped!

Not sure how to rate this product, turtle inside the trap was able to escape the trap within hours. - Karen


This product is easy to set up and use. just added some dead fish and caught 3 turtles in the first 2 days. Great product. - Anonymous

Works well!!

We have a pond that has become overrun with turtles who are eating the fish, ducklings and goslings. We don’t want to kill the turtles, rather move them to another location. In our first couple of days of having the trap in the pond, we trapped 2 large snapping turtles which have been relocated unharmed. We did use fish in the trap to attract the turtles. We are hoping to trap several more. - Mary Ellen


This is a very sturdy built trap and easy to assemble out of the box. We tossed it into the pond and had about 20 turtles trapped in about 4 days. We emptied it and threw it back in and had another 10 small ones trapped in about another 3-4 days. We are very pleased with this trap! - Rod in Oklahoma

Turtle trap

These work great and are well built. I have four of these now. Customer service was exceptional. Thanks. - Anonymous

Turtle trap

The staff was excellent and the product worked very well as described - Charles Ketner