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  • Price $87.50 EACH

Model 608NC is specifically designed for catching cats.  It weighs 11 lbs and measures 36L x 10W x 12H.  This feral cat trap is constructed from 1" x 1" - 14 gauge galvanized wire mesh.

We worked closely with the Neighborhood Cats Organization create an trap specifically designed for feral cats.  These feral cat traps feature extra large trip pans to prevent cats from stealing bait; extra large hand guard for protection from scratches; extra large double handles for carrying trapped animals; rear sliding door for easy transfer, releasing and baiting; and bait saver mesh on the back portion of the trap to prevent cats from reaching in and stealing bait from the outside.

Model 608NC is 6" longer than the 606NC.  This trap is preferred by handlers who intend to leave cats in the cage for an extended period of time to recover from spaying or neutering.

Recommended Products

Well designed traps

Very satisfied with the traps. We were recommended by the spay/neuter clinic. - AAAS

Appears well made

Haven’t used it yet. Appears well made and easy to use. Big enough for a big cat and room to be comfortable for a little while.
Wish there were laws against neighbors having 30 feral cats. Not fair to cats - wildlife- neighbors. My fenced yard has uncontrollable amount of fleas even after $75 and two treatments of my yard. Cats must be absolutely miserable with fleas. So sad. No vaccines, no worming, No shelter from weather and they poop in my yard - climb on my cars -eat my birds and lizards and are just a plain nuisance. Spay and neuter your cats and keep them in your yard please. Not everyone enjoys cat poop and their bird feeders being used for a cat feeder. Or wrens that nest on my front porch being eaten! First time in my lifetime to use the dog pound and it is a certain death for these poor creatures. - Tired of feral cats and uncontrollable fleas


Our rescue group uses Tomahawk traps and transfer cages a lot. The 608NC is roomy enough that an adult cat can stay in the trap overnight while waiting to go to the clinic the next morning. The back release door makes transferring so much easier! - Cleriece

Excellent trap

Use to trap feral cats for TNR program. Works well. - Anonymous

Tomahawk cat trap 608nc

I was happy with the price and the delivery timeline.
I also liked the email updates on my order.Thank you - Betty Haltom

Excellent, well-designed trap!

I bought this trap in addition to our Tomahawk drop trap, and love its generous size, and that it has two entrances! When I bought it, I had no idea that within two days of its arrival, I would use it to trap a Florida palm rat in our home. I suspect our cats had chased or brought the unfortunate rat into our house, and it avoided being captured by them. I set up the trap one evening, with the entrance facing our couch so our cats couldn’t go in, and was very relieved to find the rat trapped inside the following morning. I safely released it into our front yard, and felt grateful for the “release door”. This is an excellent trap! - Maritha


The City of South Daytona relies on the quality of the Tomahawk traps to ensure safe trapping of the feral cat population. The Tomahawk trap has never compromised the security and safety of the cat trapped. The size allows for all sizes of cats and room enough for them to move around. We would recommend this trap to anyone who is looking for a safe secure way of trapping feral cats.
Jay Robinson
City of South Daytona - Anonymous