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  • Price $69.95 EACH

Model 503 can catch and hold 15 or more starling sized birds at one time.

This trap features two funnel trap entry doors and a top release panel door for easy removal.  Entry point funnel doors have a 2" opening and are adjustable by bending the funnel tines to change desired funnel size.

When trapping birds make sure to have both seed bait and a water source in or near the trap.  Bait the area with seed for several days before introducing the trap then place the trap over the bait area with seed and water inside the trap.

This trap measures 36L x 16W x 12H and is constructed of 1" x 1" wire mesh.


Tomahawks powder coating process takes about a week before shipment.


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Had my doubts, but followed instructions and trapped 6 in first hour - Anonymous

no problems

A quality product, arrived in perfect condition, working well. This is catching many species other than starlings - so it must be monitored closely so you can release the songbirds. - Anonymous

Review of 503 Starling Trap

This starling trap is easy to set up, and efficiently catches plenty of starlings with its well-designed entry tunnels. Very pleased with this product! - Derek Stoner

Grackle elimination trapKeith Walz

Grackles kept chasing off my Purple Martins and blue birds. I was able to trap almost all the grackles we had around. Thank you. - Keith


Excellent product! Caught 12 starlings and 4 female and 2 male house (english) sparrows already!! The cage holes are small enough that the sparrows cannot get out. If the starlings aren't eating from the trap, throw in stale bread for the HOSP's. I caught my starlings using dried mealworms. Just had to find the right size to bend the 'door' prongs so they don't jwalk back out. I have a different type of sparrow trap but this one is much easier for the birds to walk into. Hesitate no longer to keep your bluebirds and chickadees safe!! BUY THIS TRAP! (PS only keep the trap open when you are home so no birds suffer in there. Robins and catbirds did enter too but I was quick to let them go free.) - Laura M