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  • Price $79.95 EACH

Model 502R is new and improved with input from wildlife control specialists.  This trap is designed to catch and hold 15+ pigeons at a time. It features two, swinging bob, trap doors and release door on the top of the cage for easy removal.

Completely redesigned rigid multiple catch pigeon trap with 2 trap doors consisting of independent bobs.  The improvements that make this trap effective include 1) no step ups for pigeons when entering the trap, 2) angled trap doors to guide pigeons into the trap, 3) free swinging independent bobs to allow easy entry.

Tomahawks powder coating process takes about a week before shipment.

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Tomahawk 502r pigeon trap

I received my traps; however, I noticed that the entry doors are different. Everything else looks the same. It just caused me to wonder if they are different models. I guess it's okay as long as they both work, but I don't think I should have to guess about it. They came direct from the factory, but there was no explanation for the difference. - Jack LaLonde