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Model 501 can catch and hold 20 or more sparrow sized birds at one time.

Bait your target area with food and water for several days before setting this trap over the feeding area.

When trapping birds it is important to keep a water source in or near the trap.  

This trap measures 24L x 12W x 8H and is constructed of 1/2" x 1" wire mesh.

The trap door funnels have a 1.5" diameter and can be adjusted smaller by bending the tines at the end of the funnel.

Problem solved

Set the trap out the night I received it. I just placed it on the concrete slab under where they were trying to build nests above light fixtures (and near where my Martin house goes up). I placed a suet cake inside, and when I came home the next day I had a house sparrow. I wasn't actually sure how many I had since I'd only ever seen one at a time, but the next day I had TWO more! There had also been a larger dark bird in the cage (according to my wife), but it managed to work its way out by the time I got home. I would have set that one loose anyway since it wasn't a HOSP. Haven't caught any for several days now, but I haven't seen any flying about either so I put my Martin house out last weekend. Trap works great, although the euthanizing part still sucks. Had to keep telling myself it was for the greater good since they've taken over my Martin house the past two summers. - Kathy


Caught 5 sparrows within a couple of hours of setting out the trap. - Bess

Tomahawk 501 Sparrow Trap

Excellent, just what I wanted. - Elmer

Works good

Pretty simple, put it on the ground, baited it with sunflower seeds, and 2 days later started catching sparrows! - Anonymous

Try this!

So far, after 2 weeks we have caught 3 House Sparrows. I'm hoping for more as they are so destructive to our native Western Bluebirds. - Carolyn

Works Great!

Caught sparrows the first day we put it out! Works great and easy to remove birds. Catching 1-5 sparrows at a time. Will have less mites in the chicken coop with less sparrows! - Anonymous

Sparrow Trap

Well made and simple design makes it easy to use. Very quickly trapped and relocated a dozen house sparrows who were harassing the nesting bluebirds. Will use this forever - Anonymous

Works great.

Excellent trap. - Anonymous

Sparrow Trap works!

So far, we have capture 50 sparrows in just a few days. They were chasing the bluebirds and cardinal away, and kept trying to take over the bluebird box. We still have many more to catch. Just be careful with the Juncos and other smaller songbirds; they can get trapped as well and should be released. - Ellen

Sparrow trap

Caught 2 sparrows first day & none since . Have moved trap where they hang out but no luck ?? Use corn for bait ?? Any ideas ????? - Anonymous

Works as advertised

Works as advertised. A handful of cracked corn placed at middle of cage and we have caught 5 house sparrows at a minimum and as many as eight at one time. Have seen a couple chipping sparrows in the cage before but they have been able to find their way out, which is good, because we only want the house sparrows. - Jack

Simple & Convenient

I’ve been trapping sparrows for a while, have been looking for something new. Truly a well-made product that is easy to transport and all you have to do is close the side door, bait it and wait. Nice and simple. - Jack

House Sparrows be-gone!

I tried literally every other option for deterring house sparrows from my feeders before deciding enough is enough. I tried setting only pure nyjer seed and safflower out, and they still swarmed the feeders and hogged the food. I tried weight-sensitive feeders, upside-down feeders, and magic halos. These are some very determined birds. None of it worked.
Within an hour of setting this trap up with some corn and sunflower seeds, it had caught 5 of them. I had to adjust the inner-opening to be a little bigger since they weren’t going for it initially. But once they were in, they had no inclination to even try going back through the holes. Very effective.
My only note would be that it’s VERY effective at catching multiple types of birds. I had to take it down once chickadees, woodpeckers, nuthatches, and even some red-winged black birds got caught inside. Definitely only use this if you are able to actively monitor it, as you don’t want it to fill up with native birds. Luckily, the side-door makes it easy to release them. I’ll have to be clever about the timing for when I need to catch more house sparrows, but the Tomahawk trap has made it much easier to do. Would definitely recommend if you’re done with the house sparrows! - Sam

Bird trap

Worked as advertised - Anonymous

It catches

It does catch, sometimes sparrows get out before we can relocate them. But it does work. Very happy with it - Anonymous

Sparrow traps

Sparrows and others are smart. After about 1 week they stay away from a trap even with huge amounts of seed in as bait. So you do need to rotate the traps in and out. I think finding the nest's and disposing of the young may be better. - Jim R.

Tomahawk 501 Sparrow Trap

First set caught 4 sparrows have caught a total of about 20 total. I would recommend this trap for someone having sparrow trouble. - Pete Hatchett