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TOMAHAWK 403 TURTLE TRAP 40lb. 32"x18"x9"

  • Price $119.75 EACH

32"x18"x9" - Tomahawk Turtle Trap, Model 403, is the ultimate turtle trap for turtles under 40 lbs.  It is a heavy duty, single catching turtle trap the can fold flat in seconds for easy storage when not in use.  If a trap is needed for turtles larger than 40 lbs, Tomahawk manufactures a turtle trap for up to 100 pound turtles, Model 404.

Model 403 is a collapsible turtle trap that easily folds flat for saving storage space.  This trap uses a traditional trip pan to close the trap door.  Bait this trap with chopped raw fish in a mesh sack or bait box hanging near the back of the trap.  Turtles will enter the trap to feed and step on the trip plate activating the door to shut.

Placement of the trap should be partially submerged with the trap door facing deeper water and bait touching the water to ensure the scent from the raw fish enters the water attracting the turtle.  

When deployed this turtle trap measures 32L x 18W x 9H and is contructed from 1x2 - 12ga wire mesh.  When collapsed it measures 32L x 28W x 1H.


Tomahawk 403 Works

Put the trap in the pond and the next day had two snappers. I big & i medium. - Anonymous