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  • Price $69.95 EACH

Model 306NC is designed with help from the Neighborhood Cats Organization specifically for transfer from traps that are 10" wide x 12" tall and our Neighborhood Cats Drop Trap.

It features an easy release sliding door, extra large hand guard, and extra large double handles and a bottom tray for animal feet comfort.

The tray is also removable for easy cleaning.  

This transfer cage measures 20L x 11W x 12H and is constructed of 1 x 1" - 14 gauge wire mesh.



8 lbs


20L x 11W x 12H


1 x 1 - 14 gauge mesh

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Ease and Safety for TNR

What a difference a trap makes-being able to easily detach and reset a Fresh transfer cage makes large TNR projects much quicker. - Anonymous

Cage transfer review

Another well made, functional, sturdy product. If you are going to use the drop box, than this product is a must. This product is built humanely. It has a plate on the bottom of the cage to protect animal's paws. Easy to use and will last a long time. I highly recommend this product along with the drop box. I also like the fact that the products are made in the U.S.A. - Lynn in WA state

Tomahawk 306NC Transfer Cage

The transfer cages were exactly what we were hoping for. Durable construction, two handles for easier transport of cats. Shipped out and arrived in a quick manner. Excellent service. Highly recommend. - CATS - Cat Advocates Teaching & Saving Society

transfer cage perfect for drop trap

Worked in conjunction with drop trap- great partner to take cat in to vet! - Joanne Fall

As advertised

Fit and functioned exactly as advertised to get feral cats transferred to vet’s office for TNR. Perfect! - Anonymous

Great product!

Worked as advertised - Anonymous

Transfer Cage

We really appreciate this tool in our TNR work for outdoor cats.

Thank you for all of your hard work designing tools for us so we can continue to catch and neuter then release them back with their caretakers.

- Andrew Walsh & Jessica Kirby

No more kittens

I ordered the drop down trap first and then the Tomahawk 306NC transfer cage. They both worked great. I tried for almost a year to catch a feral cat with the regular trap but she would not go in it. So I got these 2 traps and to make a long story short the cat is now spayed and is starting to let me pet her and NO MORE BABIES. Thank you - Tammy

Best transfer trap ever

So easy & totally foolproof - Anonymous

Very well made.

Bought this transfer cage to go with the trap. Is extremely well made and will be large enuf to transport my two feral cats to be neutered. Much safer for me than my older cat carrier, which tended to come undone, especially when transporting my rather large domestic cat. Great quality and will last forever. This site also had the best prices. Came with helpful instructions on how to attach it to the trap. Highly Recommend. - Mary

Transfer Cage

Very easy to set up with the drop trap.
Feral female cat went right in after a little nudge. - Crystal

TNR kitten/cat rescuer

Perfect less stressful transferring with this accompaniment to the tomahawks drop trap. Less scary for cat to transfer into this. - Anonymous

It fits the drop trap perfectly

It fits my drop trap perfectly!!! - Anonymous


I bought the Tomahawk Drop Trap for a hard to trap stray cat. This transfer cage is highly recommended! The last thing you want after going to the effort to trap an animal is to lose it during the transfer process. After 3 long months of trying to get this sweet kitty, i could not afford to risk anything during the transfer to a carrier. Thank you Animal Traps and Supplies! - Penelope


Worked out well. Quit sending me emails to review this. - Anonymous

5 Stars for Animal Traps and Supplies

Thank you animal traps and supplies. Not only are you kind...compassionate.. but you offer so many products to help animals humanely..pricing is great and shipping is super fast.. thank you for helping me help trap a sick stray cat...
Thank you - Chrissy

best invention ever

this product has been soooo helpful. It keeps cat & people safe. Great for transporting cats to vet, smaller & easier to carry than a trap. We love it at Habitat for Cats MA - Anonymous

Transfer cage

The transfer cage was a big help for not only transferring the cat out of the drop trap but for also transporting the cat to the veterinarian for neutering, shots and check up. Great product for working with the drop trap. Thank You for a great product. Brian. - Brian Pickering

Great with drop trap

Easily caught my neighbor’s 15 cats. - Roxxy

Great product!

Animal Traps and Supplies checkout is smooth and glitch-free and the transfer cage I ordered is very well made. Package arrived on time and in great shape. This company offers items that can't be found elsewhere and have been essential in trapping the feral cats in my colony for spay and neuter. Highly recommend their products and services. - Ed

Works as described -fast shipping!

Very impressed. I needed a transfer cage for a feral cat that I adopted that needed Veterinary attention. Transfer cages are required for the safety of the animal and vet staff involved. I ordered one from a different company through Amazon but it never came. I cancelled the order and ordered through here and I had it within a couple days. I would order again if I had the need to. - Melissa Valliere

Transfer Cage

I love this little cage! So adorable and very useful for transferring cats from the drop trap. - Bev