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    PUR FILL WF has been specially formulated to be used to seal out drafts around windows and doors.It has been tested and conforms to AAMA-812.

    • Energy Effi cient
    • Stops Drafts
    • Inexpensive per Window
    • Perfect for the Professional
    • Cleaning the Guns Not Necessary


    • Formulated for Windows 
    • AAMA-812-04 Tested 
    • Air Sealing 
    • R Factor 5.9 per inch


    • A Real Tool 
    • High Volume 
    • Stop Drafts 
    • Gun Dispensed to Assure Complete Control


    • 10 Dispensed Gallons 
    • 1/2 Inch Bead = 960 Linear Feet 
    • 2200 Cubic Inches 
    • 1.3 Cubic Feet 
    • 15 Board Feet


    Pur Fill WF window foam is a custom formulated one-component, minimal expanding, polyure- thane foam sealant. Use around windows and doors to stop the passage of air and drafts. Proper installation will assure no bowing or mov- ing of the window. An inch of foam will have an R factor of 6. The goal for the window installer

    is to match the R factor of the window being installed. Do not overfill void. Place the foam
    as close to the exterior wall as possible and bridge the void with a 1/2-1 inch diameter bead. After this bead is cured, carefully add foam to completely fill void if needed.

    Pur Fill WF has been tested and conforms to AAMA 812-04. The elastic merits provide flexibil- ity during temperature swings. The foam cures to form a skin that acts as an air barrier as well as a moisture penetration prevention.


    Surface Preparation:

    • Wipe the surface with a rag to remove all dust and debris

    • If lumber is frozen, clean off any ice that is present on the surface

    • In low humidity mist water into the void which is to be foamed

      Window Foam Preparation:

    • The can temperature should be between 60° and 80° F.

    • Shake the can well for 30 seconds to assure proper mixing.

    • Thread the can onto the adapter on the top of the gun—DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

    • Pull the trigger for about 5 seconds to purge all air and moisture out of the gun.

      Window Foam Application:

    • The can should be in a vertical position above the gun when foaming.

    • Before foaming, lay down a few practice beads. Adjust the set screw on the back of the gun to determine the bead size that best fits your needs.

    • Determine the moisture content in the air. If it is a cold dry day, mist the area with water before foaming.

    • When foaming a large cross section, use a layering technique of foam, mist water, foam etc.

    • Avoid dragging tip of gun against abrasive surfaces that could damage gun.

      Changing Cans of Window Foam :

      • Over a trash bag lined barrel, unscrew the can and immediately screw on another can of Window Foam.

      • When changing cans, have the bottom of the can facing the ground.

      • If flow of foam stops or slows, flush out gun with Gun Cleaner. Immediately replace with a can of Window Foam and pull trigger to fill gun with foam.

        Job Completion and Storage:

    • Close set screw on the back of the dispensing gun.

    • Wipe off any foam residue on the gun tip.

    • Store Window Foam in an upright position with the can securely attached to the dispensing gun.

    • If stored for an extended period of time, dispense some foam out of the gun once a month.


    • Wear disposable chemical resistant plastic or

    rubber gloves and wear goggles or a face

    mask while foaming.
    • In case of eye contact, wash thoroughly with

    water and seek medical advice immediately. • In case of skin contact, wipe with a dry cloth and wash immediately with soap and water. • Product contains isocyanate and flammable

    • Foam in a well ventilated area—fumes are

    • Do not smoke while foaming.
    • Keep away from open flame or any source of

    • If you feel unwell, seek immediate medical

    advice (if possible, show this label to a physician).

    Container is pressurized. Protect from sunlight and temperatures above 50° C. Do not pierce or burn even after use. Do not spray against flames or incandescent objects.

    Harmful when inhaled. Irritates eyes, repira- tory organs and skin. Can result in sensitization when inhaled. Can produce highly flammable vapor/air mixture during use.


    The manufacturer will replace at no charge
    to purchaser any product proven to be defec- tive. The warranty is limited to replacement of material only, and no liability is assumed for use of this product by the purchaser, or for any consequential damages arising from its use in any form whatsoever.


    Polol prepolymer CAS 59675-67-14
    Monomeric diphenylmethane disocyanate (MDI) CAS 1010-68-8, Tetrafluoroethane, Dimethyl ether, butane/propane

    MDI can irritate eyes, respiratory organs and skin. Can cause sensitization when inhaled.

    Color    LightYellow

    Expanded Volume,    10 Gallons
    Free rise @68 relative humidity

    Density (18 kg.m3)    1.1237 lbs/cu.foot
    Cell Structure             Excessively Closed
    Tack-free Time           7 Minutes
    Cuttable Time            25 Minutes
    Tensile Strength (>7 N/cm2)     4.28 PSI

    Shear Strength (>4 N/cm2)       2.41 PSI

    Shelf Life                                      12 Months

    Propellant                                    HFC Free

    Shipping Method                        Ground Only, ORM-D Consumer Commodity