• Price $16.95 EACH
  • Reg Price $24.99

A black colored foam sealant for outside applications.  Gun dispensed for complete control.  Great for Nuisance control, Pest control, Water garden, RV manufacturing.  Seals out bats, birds, and all other critters.

Each can has a net weight of 27.8 oz, and can cover 1,200 linear feet with a 1/2" bead.


So, I've been using this product for sometime now and really like the dark gray color. It blends in well with most areas around a home. - Kevin

Best Black Foam and Price on the market

As always John has the best prices, service, and shipping! Thanks ATS - Jacob Barnes


I have been using this phone for over thirteen years for rodent and Wildlife Control. It's great because it's black so it blends in as a shadow. And the expansion rate is not too much - Anonymous


Always top notch service - Family Pest Control

Great service

Fills the gaps you can't reach with caulk and it's a great backer once dried to caulk over. - Anonymous

Why would anyone use Yellow?

This is the nicest foam we've found. We really enjoy that it's black. We're usually putting this in crevices and nooks... why would anyone highlight those in yellow? This is just better, better, better. - Anonymous

Good Stuff

Fast shipping - Anonymous


Good product - Anonymous