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IPF a foam sealant with scented pepper aroma and taste deterrents added to deter insects, rodents, birds, and small animals.

A valuable tool for PCOs.

12 cans per case.  Color - Yellowish


Sealing is a major step in modern IPM programs. IPF Foam’s scented special formulation offers a fast, economical and professional method to do the required sealing. It fills cracks, voids and holes with long lasting seals. Closed cell IPF Foam will not shrink or harden with age and can stop the passage of pests, insects, water, gas, smoke, radon and dirt.

IPF Foam has a natural-scented aroma additive. The scent further deters both crawling and flying insects plus small animals, preventing them from eating through the foam. The added natural scent does not harm people or animals, making it perfect for nuisance control.

The propellant in IPF Foam conforms to the Montreal Protocol and is less damaging to the ozone layer. This makes IPF Foam the most environmentally friendly of all aerosol urethane foams. There are no CFCs or formaldehyde in the IPF Foam formulation.

Every can of IPF Foam delivers 2200 cubic inches of foam. One can of foam can produce a 1/2” diameter bead of sealant over 960 linear feet long. The IPF Pageris or Pur Shooter assures that every bit of foam is used on the job with no mess or waste. This foaming system is designed for frequent intermittent use.

IPF Foam cans have a shelf life of 18 months.


It works like intended - Family Pest Control

Great product super fast delivery

I own a wildlife business and I couldn’t get by without this product it’s a must have. - Billy M