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A multi-catch trap that allows multiple squirrels to be trapped in one setting, proving that it is much more efficient than a conventional single catch trap.  Two doors allow squirrels to enter from either side.

Trap size: 24" x 24" x 4"

Mesh size: 1" x 2"

DESCRIPTION: The Squirrelinator is a unique, multi-catch squirrel trap that can catch dozens of squirrels in only a matter of hours!  No more spreading costly baits that can potentially harm other non-targeted animals or the environment.


This can only ship regular ground from the manufacturer, they can't do two day or next day air orders.


Works excellant

I am in Wildlife control business, works well when customers have extensive problems with chewing grey squirrels damaging their home. Catch up to 9 at one time so far. - Keith


Set it out with some birdseed. Within an hour, I had the troublemaker.

Perfect! - Anonymous

Traps works as advertised

Got it placed in the back yard, picked up some animal food from a big box store and within one day had the primary tree squirrel caught. works as advertised! - Anonymous

Squirrel trap

It works!
Trap door hinges were a little out of a line with each other. Little tweak and I was catching those pesky squirrels. This trap can definitely get-r-done. - Big Mike

Works well

Great product. Not overly intricate and does the job well! - Anonymous

Great trap

10 squirrels in a week and a half. 4 yesterday with my first double. Very well made and easy to use. - Anonymous

Best trap I have used.

Very easy to use and productive. 1 or 2 squirrels per setting. Birds take the outside bait pretty quickly but we put a
small pile of chicken scratch in the center of the trap and that catches their eye. Then it is just a matter of time before they
find their way inside. I have caught as many as 4 at a time but can see that a dozen or more per setting is achievable
if you have a dense population. We have coyotes who try to raid our traps if there is a squirrel inside. I suggest removing
the traps from the field overnight and resetting in the morning as squirrels are not nocturnal but coyotes are. - Anonymous

great trap

these traps work wonders - jin k

Nice trap I caught 4 squirrels the first week

Its really a nice trap I would highly recommend it for squirrel control - Anonymous


The trap worked very well. I caught and relocated 15 squirrels from my garden the first week. Unfortunately it is an ongoing task. - Bob

Good Trap

Last year we planted 18 tomatoes plants and didn’t get a single tomato. The squirrels would eat them when they were young, green and hard.
This year we’re purchased one of these traps and it works well.

The only issue we have is that due ti it’s current height birds and eat all of the peanuts by sticking their heads through the top of it. If the manufacturer would make it height higher to prevent birds from eating the peanuts, one would not have to constantly check to see if there are peanuts remains.

So far this year we have lost no tomatoes and have caught 33 squirrels...ordered a second one about 2 weeks ago! - Dave


Catch 1 or 2 squirrels every time I set the trap .great product I now have three - Penny Macmillan

Squirrelinator WORKS !!!

We had dozens of California Ground Squirrels on our 10 acre property. What a mess. We purchased 3 Squirrelinators, placing them near heavily infected areas.
Where we used to see activity from sunrise to sunset, now we rarely see a ground squirrel. When we do, we place a trap in that area. Admittedly, we have caught more than a few tree squirrels which we release. Easy to set up, easy to use. We could not be happier with the result.

Next, our gopher population. Those little devils are tougher to nail. Just added a barn owl box and hope to attract a family. Looking for other solutions that will be
as effective and easy to use as the Squirrelinators. - PMA91311


I was really surprised! The SQUIRRELINATOR MULTI CATCH LIVE TRAP works just as advertised. And when compared to other vendors. your price for this device is great too. - Anonymous

The squirrelinator is the all-time best

Compared to all other methods the squirrelinator is easiest to bait, reliably catches squirrels ever time, and is easy to transport and release. Its the best, time after time. - Irving Hoffman, North Carolina

Excellent product

Squirrel trap works very well. I was able to trap(and then relocate) approximately 70 squirrels. - Anonymous

My second one

These work great. I catch lots of Squirrels and then take them for a ride down the road and let them go. - Charles

Works Great

I bought this squirrel trap after trying others and I caught 5 pesky squirrels in 2 days. Easy to use. Just bait and wait. I took them 5 miles from home to a nice lake park. - Anonymous

Works Great!

I bought another type of trap (two came with the purchase) which turned out to be worthless. However, the Squirrelinator proved to be very effective. I have never caught more than two squirrels at a time but caught seven the first week and took them to a park far away for release. I highly recommend this product. - Anonymous

Works as great as the chipmunkelinator, easy to use and release

Love these catch and release traps. Caught over 40 squirrels very quickly and safely ! - Danielle

Works well

No problems using this trap, very simple to use - Caught 5 first day


This trap woks very well and is easy to use.

- Anonymous

Works as advertised

Have an issue with ground squirrels digging/destroying paver patio and generally digging things up at our rural vacation home. Did not want to use poison due to other wildlife in the area. Got the Squirrelinator and baited with peanuts and dog food. Have been able to catch 2-5 squirrels per setting (approx each week). Trap is simple and functional. Would recommend to others! - Greg

Well built trap

Very well made contraption. Sturdy yet lightweight. Haven't had any luck catching any squirrels yet but I remain hopeful. - Julio

Winner winner chicken dinner

Neighbor caught 9 in one set! - Larry

Worked for a while

I caught 6 squirrels the first day. Two more the next two days and a few more after that. Now the gates that drop down behind the squirrels seem to easy for them to lift back up and escape. My bait is gone with the trap not moved at all but no squirrels. I need a way to make the gates drop down and be much harder to push back up. Still happy to have removed 14 squirrels from my yard. - Dave

Awesome Product

Great product! Works as promised. Highly recommend - Phil


great product, 1st day 3 squirrels. - Anonymous


I caught 9 squirrels in 1 day using cut up apples for bait. Incredible works great thanks. - Greg Reimann

Pretty Good Squirrel Trap

Made the mistake of leaving one squirrel in the trap too long before going out to shut the entry doors. Squirrels being squirrels, it figured out how to get out ... now I can't entice that one, to take the bait. It will crawl all over the trap eyeing the bait, but won't enter the trap. Win some, lose some. I did trap 5 of the rascals, and for the time being, have significantly thinned out the local squirrel population. Would a slightly stronger spring on the entry trap doors, keep them from being easily opened, yet still allow a determined squirrel to push its way in? - Anonymous

Squirrels check in... but they don't check out

They don't check out because they go into witness protection and are part of my relocation program. This usually involves going 5-7 miles away. I've seen various recommendations of distance, and since we live in a suburban area, it seems like this is far enough. There are a lot of feeding options, and several highways, between pick up and drop off.
My only caveat is I've yet to catch more than one at a time. I've relocated about a dozen so far, and the trap does work just fine. - Rob

The Squirreleliminator works!

This trap works great and is very well designed and thought out. It also is well built to last a long time. I think the extra doors to close up the trap for transport with squirrels in it is a great idea too. Overall I can't see how it could be designed and built any better. - Glenn

Squirrel infestation

Trying to maintain bird feeders with a over abundance of squirrels prompted me to buy this trap. I used peanut butter as bait in the center of the trap. Some squirrels avoid the trap, To overcome this, I recommend placing the trap directly under the feeder where there is ample bird seed to further encourage their entry into the trap. It works--14 squirrels caught and re-homed inside of a week. Note: it does not work with chipmunks. The wire mesh is too large, and they just go right through it. The birds do not enter it, even though they are small enough to go through the mesh. - Lee



Problem solved!

The product worked perfectly. We now have winter squash and zucchini growing again! - B

it works..when others do not work

Once a squirrel's caught. Period. I have not had the experience of "several at a time" as shown on the box, but I was using other live traps with a trigger door...useless. They would somehow take the peanut butter cracker OUT OF THE TRAP without even triggering the closing door. Happened serveral times. It was not until I got this squirrelinator, that I began to catch them. I am pleased with this purchase. - John