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Squirrelinator Trap with Basin. 


UPC # 089555900003

Dimensions: 23.25" x 23.25" x 4" (including basin)

DESCRIPTION: The Squirrelinator is a unique, multi-catch squirrel trap that can catch dozens of squirrels, or rats, in only a matter of hours!  No more spreading costly baits that can potentially harm other non-targeted animals or the environment.

Comes complete with basin. 

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Effective trap

The Squirrelinator is both effective and, if you want it to be, both deadly or humane. It's easy to set and move to new locations. You should buy it in combination with the basin if trying to eliminator animals, like rats, which you want to kill. It allows you to drown them. If you catch a bird (very unlikely) or animal like a chipmunk, which you just want to relocate, simply take it to a new location and release it. I wish the spaces in the wire mesh were a bit smaller because smaller animals caught can wiggle out. The trap does allow multiple catches and really is easy to use. I heartely recommend it. Also, the ATS is very helpful and courteous. - Anonymous

This Trap Works!!!

We ordered 2 of the squirrelinator traps with tray for our property and our neighbor across the street. Within one month we’ve caught over 25 gray and black squirrels between both traps. There are no predators to squirrels where we live so the population has grown out of control. Our fruit trees have been getting stripped by these critters . We look forward to a Peach harvest next year !
Easy to use trap and humane with the tray.
Thank you! - Anonymous

A Trap that Works

I live in the hills and squirrels in our area are a destructive problem. I am thrilled that this trap works. I use black oil sunflower seeds (I'm sure any type of sunflower seed will work) as bait which I purchase at Lowe's in large bags. So far I have trapped several squirrels. I don't catch squirrels every day but I do get about two to three per week. I recommend this product but be patient and make sure there is bait in the trap early every morning because any seeds left in the trap overnight will be consumed by field mice. Lastly, I relocate the trap to different areas on my property on a regular basis and in each location I have trapped squirrels. - Jimmy

Very Much Worth Purchasing

The trap is excellent and easy to use.
Unless you have a deep stream or pond on your property, definitely get the basin.
Do your best to lay it level, simply fill with water, then watch the vermin fail the "swimming lesson".
I fully recommend the trap with basin. - DK

the trap to get squirrels

I had tried other traps before, only to find squirrels would eventually figure out how to get the peanuts without setting off the trap. This trap is a very good design -- squirrels get in but cannot get out. I've been really happy with it and only wish I'd discovered it sooner! - Anonymous

Averaging 2 a day

Simple to set up. Even easier to dispatch the animal humanely. - Eric Birk


This is a great product! It entices our ground squirrels in, as many as 4 at a time. They are the nemesis of any gardener here in the Northwest. Great Product and does the job well!
- Carol Martin