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The Skunkinator's low profile design doesn't allow the skunk to lift it's tail to spray.  The trap is 33" x 5" x 4.25"

Automatic catch design.  No tricky triggers or trip plates to set! 

Inside bait box keeps your bait perfectly in position at all times! 

Quick view top for instant identification of your catch! 

Forward door makes for easy release!

DESCRIPTION: The Skunkinator has a low profile design that doesn't allow the skunk to lift it's tail to spray!  The inside bait box keeps your bait in position at all times.  There are no tricky triggers or trip plates to set.  Automatic catch design!  Our trap has a quick view top and a forward door that makes for easy release! 

Easy to escape from

Took several different baits and over a week of trying then whatever got in was able to get out just fine. - Mac


I just bought four of them one of them has a problem with door not opening properly it hangs up on side of trap and the skunks fill them up with dirt from bottom of trap bottom needs to b covered so they dont dig up clients yard under trap - A. W. C.


I set the trap up had a skunk in it it must’ve moved around to where it was able to turn the trap upside down so the door falls back open and he gets away that’s the only one I had in there so I’ve never really had luck with this product - Mike

Great, simple to use

We believed a skunk had taken residence under our deck. Our dogs kept alerting around our back door, and had they had gotten sprayed several times in the side yard, where the deck ends. I was sceptical, but my wife was insistent, so we made the purchase. I used a mix of wet cat food and peanut butter as bait and set the trap just before dusk. We had a skunk trapped within hours. I picked up the trap and drove it out to a creek several miles away, and let her out. I came back home, reset the trap and went to bed. Next morning, I checked, and BAM second skunk! He got dropped off at the same place as his friend. There are a couple wonderful things about this trap; the first, it obviously works. Second, there are no tricky mechanism or trips. It is a simple gate the animal pushes thru, that then closes behind them. The top of the trap is open enough for you to see if you have a guest without getting right on top it. The trap is shallow enough that the skunk cannot lift their tail to spray you; neither of my captures sprayed. The release is a simple gate you lift (and run away). There is space for the animal to turn around...both of my captures were facing back toward the entrance when I found them, and managed to turn back around to get out. Lastly, the cage and gates are metal, unlike some competitors. and there is little chance they could fight their way out before you collect them. I already have neighbors, family and friends asking to borrow our trap, and I would happily recommend it to anyone else. - Tim Y.


skunk enters eats bait tip trap over, door opens and they walk out. - Anonymous