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A multi-catch trap that allows multiple rats to be trapped in one setting, proving that it is much more efficient than a conventional single catch trap.

Trap size is 25" x 15" x 6.5". 

Mesh size is 1/2" x 1"

Comes with a plastic basin.

at last

over run by tree rodents, the ground squirrels did not have a chance. Now with the Squirrel-eliminator perhaps we will be rid of them all.
I wish I had bought this earlier and wish the bathing tub was included in the order. Will order again and recommend to others.その とり てす わたし か して いる かきり ふほ や ない てす. - Anonymous


I have had some luck so far - Anonymous

Good trap

Caught 4 rats the first night we set it. Well worth the money. This is the best price I found also. - Anonymous


Caught 5 rats the first night, 7 the second night. Easy to operate. - Anonymous


Don’t hesitate buying this trap if you have a rat problem. I followed the instructions and caught 9 rats my first setting, 3 my second and 11 the 3rd time. Thanks to this trap, my rat problem has been solved. - Susan


Easiest trap I ever used got the job done in 3 days 18 rats or more love the dunk tank too . - Scott

rat trap

Works well unless rats have snorkels. - Robert Behn