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The Intimidator - Avian Deterrent

  • Price $29.50 EACH

The Intimidator is a professional grade avian deterrent which uses motion and bright flashing to scare away woodpeckers and other birds from unwanted areas. Woodpeckers can cause serious damage to homes and other buildings.


  • Four holographic sides on two separate spinning parts
  • All metal components for longevity
  • Outdoor grade holographic tape
  • Glow-in-the-dark sides for low-light conditions
  • Effective with minimal air movement
  • Coverage from 10 - 40 ft.


Attach the Intimidator above the damage areas (typically along siding and trim boards). While on the ladder or roof and prior to installation, slowly rotate the product in the sunlight, noting the light refraction. It should reflect on or near the damaged areas. In some cases custom posts may be necessary.

  • Breeze must cause eratic movement of the light beams
  • Multiple Intimidators are necessary for larger infestations

For challenging applications consider using with Optical Gel for a powerful 1-2 punch.

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Highly quality flasher and does well detouring them. - Brandon T

Great product

I’ve installed hundreds of these and always have resolved the woodpecker problem as long as you have sunlight and position correctly. - Brandon T

Works great

When used correctly this device solves my customers woodpecker problems. It’s has metal swivels and turns with the slightest breeze. - Ken

Woodpeckers were ruining my siding

The woodpeckers were making huge holes in our cedar siding. This item really reflects brightly and twirls rapidly. Haven't seen or heard from the woodpeckers since pitting these up. Easy to install and well worth the price. - Joanne Dunn


Works great easy to install I like this product - Anonymous

The intimidator

Well I actually bought it as a deterrent for bats. I love the solid design and I've used crappy mylar strips that worked so this was way better. I will be purchasing more soon thanks. - Anonymous

No Complaints and Long Lasting

Every client I have installed these for has been happy with the device and I have a few out there that are going on their second year. As with any deterrent device, this will not solve a woodpecker/bird issue by itself, but this is a great PART of a whole avian exclusion program. - Huntsman Wildlife

So far, so good!

Since we had Mark (Critter Control, Waco - highly recommend him as well) put up The Intimidator, we haven't heard our little woodpecker friend hammering on our house. Hopefully, this will do the trick! - Carliss Hyde