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A multi-catch trap that allows multiple chipmunks to be trapped in one setting, proving that it is much more efficient than a conventional single catch trap.  

DESCRIPTION: The Chip'munk'inator is a unique, one-of-a-kind, multi-catch chipmunk trap that can catch dozens of chipmunks in only a matter of hours!  Two door entry system and easy open top lid to release the animal.

Trap size: 14" x 14" x 4.5"

Mesh size: 1/2" x 1"


Caught 5 chipmunks in the 6 days that we have had it out. Caught them with ease! We put non-shelled sunflower seeds in and around the trap. Caught these little guys at early morning and dusk. We drive them to a field by a lake. Make sure you take them at least 5 miles away, 10 miles is better. You don’t want them finding their way back to your place. The release is easy and quick! They all have ran out within a flash when we opened the door to release them. We use gloves when touching the trap and put newspaper down on the car before putting the trap there. I think other traps were overwhelming to them because they are so entrapped. This one seems like they are still outdoors. Best purchase of the year! - Anonymous

Excellent trap

Well make and easy to use. Have caught and released about 15 chipmunks - Bob


If the trap works. The only problem I had, was when I forgot to bring the trap in at night and left a trap with three chipmunks outside. A raccoon took the trap With the Chipmunks. I found the trap later and it was still in good shape. I’m still using it in catching chipmunks. I just bring it in at night now. - Sam

Worked day one

I purchased this product a few weeks back. On day one I put it out and caught two squirrels.

On day two I caught 4 chipmunks and 2 squirrels, together mind you.

I went 3 days with nothing in the trap. So I moved the trap to a different location

That day I caught two more chipmunks and a snake.

This is a must use product - JB

It Works

It works very well for Chipmunks. The only problem it has is that it also works for Squirrels, and they are really hard to get out of the trap. - Barry Avery


Have caught something every day. I've had up to 4 at one time. Several days 2 or 3 have been in the cage. Will use it all year long. I have neighbors coming over to see the cage. Best money I have spent!!!!! - Wanda

Better Than Expected

My back yard has way too chipmunks and they are tunneling under many of my trees and shrubs. I tried other humane traps with no success because the chipmunks found a way out. I finally purchased the chipmunkinator because it claimed that it could capture numerous chipmunks at a time. I followed the directions as it related to attracting them and that has worked beautifully. I put a good sized portion of peanuts in the middle then sprinkle peanuts around the rest of the cage and all along the outside then I put some in the door opening and create a little trail of nuts leading to the door. So far, in about a weeks time I have captured and relocated about 15 chipmunks and yes one oversized squirrel. I take them down the road to a farm/park area and release them. The most I have captured is 4 but usually it is 2 at a time. Only once I captured just 1. When I first got the product I thought it was too small; however, it is actually perfect for handling and yes, when you get 3 or 4 in there at a time and get near the cage they really do sound like the chipmunk movie. The thing I like best is that this seems to be the most humane way to catch and release. Additionally, when I transport them I put a cover over the chipmunkinator as it settles them down in your vehicle; otherwise, they can be loud trying to escape. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, you have to relocate the chipmunks 4-5 miles down the road to a safe place or they will return. I highly recommend this product. - Mark


Got this for overpopulation of ground squirrels. On first attempt on bare ground, the squirrels just crawled under for bait that fell through wire mesh. After placing on solid surface, the squirrels just kept coming in: I was able to quickly, safely and humanely deal with them. Great product. - Anonymous

Great Product!

The chipmunkinator is a very sturdy product that worked the first time I put it out. I would recommend this to anyone who has a chipmunk problem but doesn’t want to kill them. - Jose Blanco


This trap is very easy and effective to use. Would reccomend to anyone who needs to trap chipmunks. - Kevin Gunnels

Get em.

Works really well. - Anonymous

Just okay

The swing gates tend to stick open, allowing the rodents to back out before they close. Powder coating and welds are not the best, but easily fixed with a file or sandpaper. The traps are better than other options available. - Anonymous

Catches Chipmunks and Squirrels!!!

Caught 4 chipmunks and a green frog in the trap (all at once) first day! Caught chipmunks most days since over last week; except when the gray squirrels got there first. Also caught several gray squirrels in this trap, not sure how they fit. Averaging a chipmunk a day for last two weeks, and a squirrel or two each week as well, using bird see for bait (bird feeders are main attraction for our varmints).

This trap will catch your chipmunks! - Bob

Does well

Set it out and caught a chipmunk the first day. Caught a chipmunk every day for the first 5 days. - Anonymous

It usually works!

We have had 2 times when food left in the middle of the trap was eaten but no chipmunk! So somehow they maybe lifted up the trap door to get out. Was this a malfunction or what? Yet another time we had 2 really caught in there! Our region in central NH has been overrun with these critters all summer so short of a bazooka we’re glad we have this trap. - John

really works!

In just 5 minutes, I got my first two chippies. In the next few days, I got 9 more! It is so easy to use and the release process is so simple. What a great contraption. Can't wait to start using it at the beginning of spring; it will save me the months of aggravation I had this summer before hearing about this device. - Anonymous

Great, Humane Way to Get Rid of Pesky Chipmunks

Easy to use, safe and effective. Well made. - Irwin D Nathanson

It works!

We used peanuts in the trap for bait and caught a chipmunk in a day! - Anonymous

Destroy Chipmunk populations

Product works well. I’ve made a good dent in the number of chipmunks on my property. Item shipped amazingly fast. No setup. Ready to roll once you have your choice of bait. I used sunflower seeds - Anonymous

Chipmunks ....and more!

The trap works beautifully. I transported 15 of the little critters away from their colony (that used to be my gardens) in just two weeks.

Unfortunately, I have also trapped two young squirrels, who find the seed bait irresistible! They get so panicked, that it is best to cover the trap with a towel while transporting.

Funniest experience: picking up the trap containing a freshly caught chippie who had packed his cheek pouches with sunflower seeds. As I picked up the trap, he spit them out - patooie! - Anonymous

Quality & Service

I did a bit of research on this product. It arrived promptly & I was impressed with the quality. After purchasing (but not using), I discovered my problem were mice not chipmunks. I returned the item without difficulty & my purchase was refunded promptly. I would (and may) find myself reordering in the spring since we have a large population problem of chipmunks. I would recommend this product & business. - Christine Tobin

Great trap

Every time I go out, there is another chipmunk. Unfortunately, also an occasional squirrel! - Anonymous

Works like a champ!

Caught 5 chipmunks in 2 days! Love this trap. - Anonymous

Problem solver

I purchased this trap to get rid of the chipmunks that were digging holes in my yard. It works as advertised. I have trapped a dozen or so chipmunks, sometimes two at once, along with two squirrels, a baby opossum and a rat. I loaned it to my son to get his chipmunks. The only complaint is it is difficult to get them out of the trap sometimes. They seem to want to go out the way they got in and not out the door on the top. I relocated the chipmunks about five miles from my house on a river bank away from any homes. - Savage 99

Chipmunk trap

Good - Anonymous

chipmunkinator multi catch trap

Absolutely awesome! It catches squirrels and chipmunks at the same time! I never expected that!
Well built and worth the money! Works so much better than my other traps.

- Anonymous

Works great!

Make sure to get the right trap. There is a squirrel in nature and a smaller one for chipmunks. - Anonymous


This trap gets it done! I had to loosen the door cage clips a little with my pocket knife so they lifted easy. Set it out in the chicken run after dark with a little chicken feed scattered in the doors and a small pile in the middle. Expected to catch 3 or 4 the next morning. After daylight went to let the chickens out, 13 chipmunks caught! Easy to turn loose 3 miles away, just turn the trap upside down so the doors fall open. Reset and had another 7 by days end. Well worth the money compared to how much feed they were packing off. - Greg Stacey

The BEST Trap!

We’ve tried multiple traps to catch chipmunks and they escape or just don’t go into them. Within an hour of putting out the chipmunkinator we caught 2 in the trap. Since then we’ve caught chipmunks every time we put the trap out…up to 28 now. It’s helping keep them under control but I fear there is no end to them. - Anonymous