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  • Price $100.25 EACH

Termidor SC is an excellent professional termite control product for killing termites and protecting your home from future infestations.

In addition to its superior protection against termites, Termidor SC is an excellent pest control product for ant control, as well as many other crawling insect pests.  Termidor SC will protect your home and eliminate almost any termite problem in less than 90 days.  In addition, when used as an in-ground barrier treatment, Termidor will protect your home or business for over 10years.

Termidor is completely undetectable by termites and once termites touch it they contact, ingest and spread the termiticide until it eliminates the entire colony.  Termidor controls all types of termites including subterranean, formosan, and drywood termites.  

Termidor SC is also one of the best outdoor ant control products that money can buy.  An exterior above ground spray one foot up and one foot out is all you need to knock out ant colonies and carpenter ants trying to invade your home!  

Termidor islabeled for OUTDOOR use only.  It can only be used indoors to spot treat termite or insect activity inside wall voids (for example when treating a live termite infestation in a wall void) .  It cannot be used indoors for ant or pest control other than insidewall voids.  Termidor CANNOT be used on pets for any reason.  Termidor SC is not labeled for fire ants and cannot be used out in yards for ant mound control.