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Tenmat Light Cover FF109X 2-hour Fire Rated

  • Price $67.09 EACH

Key Benefits:

  • 120 minute protection.
  • UL tested and approved for use with IC-rated recessed incandescent, fluorescent or LED light fixtures.
  • For Joist Spacing up to 24″ on center.
  • Suitable for 2″x10″, 2″x12″, 2″x14″ and 2″x16″.
  • Can be used in floor/ceiling, as well as roof/ceiling assemblies (attic).
  • UL Fire Tested to maintain fire ratings of two hours or less in all UL L500, D500, G500, D200, G200, J200 and L200 series fire-rated floor/ceiling assemblies.
  • UL Fire Tested to maintain fire ratings of one hour or less for all UL P200 and P500 series fire-rated roof/ceiling assemblies.
  • Significant Labor savings.
  • Lightweight (approx. 2.5 lbs).
  • Flexible material enables cover to be fitted around obstructions or retro-fitted.
  • Enhances the acoustic protection of the ceiling.
  • Reduces heat loss through the fixture.
  • Maintenance free.

Product Details

The FF109X is the only two hour UL tested and approved fire barrier that can be used with a wide range of recessed lights to effectively prevent the spread of flames through a ceiling opening. Once a hole is made in the drywall to install recessed lights or speakers, the integrity of the construction and its ability to perform in a fire is reduced significantly, creating a potential fire hazard.

This is the reason why the International Building Code states:

Where floor/ceiling assemblies are required to have a 1 or 2-hour fire resistance rating, recessed fixtures shall be installed such that the required fire resistance of the ceiling will not be reduced”

The FF109X is two hour approved for every major ceiling assembly including gypsum, sheetrock, drywall, acoustical tiles and suspended ceilings with any joist spacing up to 24 inch on center. The enclosure is made out of an intumescent material which will be activated in case of a fire, stopping both, flame spread and heat transmission for two hours.

Tenmat 2 Hour Fire Rated Light Covers are UL tested and approved for use with IC-rated recessed incandescent, fluorescent, LED light fixtures.TENMAT Fire Rated Light Covers can be used with most light manufacturer’s models and are suitable for new construction as well as remodel projects.

In addition to its fire protection capabilities, the FF109X also exhibits excellent thermal and acoustical insulating properties to save energy and reduce noise. The flexible and lightweight nature of the covers makes installation quick and easy, reduces the stress put on the ceiling and significantly reduces labor costs compared to standard dry-walled box constructions.

Commitment to Quality

TENMAT operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the design, development and manufacture of specialized high-performance engineering

Leaders in Innovation

TENMAT’s ongoing commitment to the development of new products and solutions in the field of composite and engineering materials has been recognized in 2012, 2013 and 2019 by receiving the highest official award in Great Britain, the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the categories Innovation and International Trade.