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  • Price $11.50 EACH

The T1 rat bait station is pre-baited with a 4 oz. block of bromethalin, a fast acting rodent bait that has a lower risk of secondary poisoning.

Each rat station has a clear lid so you can easily see how much bait has been eaten.

Once the bait is consumed, the station can be recycled.

The T1 stations are classified as a tier 1 level station by the EPA, which is tamper resistant to children and pets and weather resistant.

The station can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Size - 7.5" L x 5.25 W x 3" H

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Easy to handle

Very easy to handle, once you don't need to open any lid to put poison or remove rat. Practical. I placed outside my house in NYC, neighbor saw a dead rat in the street few days later, so I imagine it worked. It looks small for a rat, but I am not expert. The company delivery was very fast even during pandemic, professional invoice included, and the the price was the best for this item as I researched online. I would easily buy traps from them for commercial use also. - roro