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Syringe poles operate just like a syringe at the doctor's office but with a much greater reach.

Model PSP32 is our 32" Professional Syringe Pole for 3cc or 1cc syringes.  It features a needle guard and aluminum syringe jacket.

Simply drop your syringe into the syringe jacket and screw the jacket to the pole.  When ready press the thumb operated plunger to inject.  After injection, simply remove the spent syringe and throw it away.

The syringe pole will fit through wire mesh as small as 1x1" for use in traps or cages.

I love this!

I'm a vet tech syringe pole helps a lot! a keeps a distance from feral cats or pigs doing surgery! It is great for pre ops sedation ! It's very helpful !!! I'm hoping that we can buy more to make use proficient at our job and help us from not get hurt !! I also love that you use our syringe it is sanitary!!! Instead of of having to clean the syringe each time. Thank you - Daysha


I’m a Nuisance Wildlife operator and wanted to upgrade my skunk dispatch technique. This item was essential for that goal, and arrived quickly, complete, and well-packaged. - C.A.B.