• Price $110.00 EACH

Absolutely the "TUFFEST" live trap on the market. 


  • The 10" diameter body is over 1/4" thick PVC pipe over 30" long. 

  • With the solid PVC body the animal cannot "reach in" and grab the bait. 

  • The back plate is removable for easy baiting and cleaning. 

  • Your catch can be handled without being sprayed, bitten, or scratched. 

  • Keeping your catch out of sight is also an advantage. 

  • Heavy steel bar door drops straight to increase inside animal room in the trap and allows for setting against holes or structures.

  • The steel pan has an elevated bait holder. 

  • The profesional Coon-Skunk-Badger trap is the safest, strongest, and most dependable live trap on the market. 

  • Built for ADC professionals who demand the best!
  • Made In The U S A 

29 Pounds

Tuff trap 10

A great product - A. W. C.

Tuff trap 10

Great trap - A. W. C.

Substitute: AAC PROLINE RACCOON TRAP 30"x11"x11"

I ordered the Super Tuff Trap #10, but this was not in stock. I needed to trap a groundhog before it caused foundation damage to my home, which is on pillars. Recommendation was made to accept a substitute for the AAC PROLINE RACCOON TRAP 30"x11"x11". This trap actually costs a hair more than the Super Tuff model, but I received it at no additional charge. Thank you! I agreed and I definitely made the right decision! The day after receiving the trap, I dug out a space to place the trap with a few slices of Granny Smith apples smeared with creamy peanut butter. I placed a few tree branches to conceal my trap from the public. That afternoon I caught the FIRST one. The next day my 6 year old son saw another one in the year. I placed the trap again the next morning and caught that one that same afternoon. This trap is the real deal! And it is strong enough for raccoons as well. - Kev

heavy duty high quality

Very impressed with this trap. It is easy to use and effective. I caught a skunk 2 days out of the first 3 days the trap was set. I used apple slices and peanut butter as bait. The trap is heavy and does not roll if you catch a skunk in it. The first skunk I caught really put the trap to the test. He was determined to get out, but the trap did it's job. If you want a trap that will stand the test of time and a determined critter this is the trap for you. Yes, a bit pricey , but worth the money. Thank you for the prompt shipping and quality product. - Yooper with skunks