• Price $1,495.00 EACH
  • Reg Price $1,600.00

The Super Talon Net Launcher is a humane capture net used to trap and release birds.  It uses compressed air to launch a weighted net up to 60 feet out.  The standard 7' x7' net has a 2” mesh that can be used to trap any size bird.  The Super Talon net can be re-used over and over and comes complete with a carrying case and all the necessary components.  

The Super Talon Ultra™ Net Launcher is made for professional use only for the humane capture of birds.  Please use caution when using this product and call with any questions regarding its use. 

To load the cartridge, remove the back cap and insert the cartridge into the handle backwards with the small end facing out. Screw the cap onto the back stopping just below the furthest red O-ring, This is the “safe firing position”.  When ready to fire, turn the back cap completely covering the red O-ring and turn the trigger to the on position.  Aim the net at least ten feet away from the target and press the firing button.

 Kit Includes:

♦ Firing Handle
♦ 2 Net Launchers
♦ 10 Air Cartridges 35 gram
♦ Carrying Strap
♦ 2 Replacement “O”Rings
♦ 4 Spare End Cover Caps
♦ A Lockable Aluminum Foam Lined Carrying Case

The Super Talon Net Launcher is ideal for use in many settings:

♦ Warehouses
♦ Big Box Stores
♦ Food Processing Sites
♦ Storage Facilities
♦ Outdoors
♦ And more!

The Super Talon is effective for all birds including:

♦ Pigeons
♦ Starlings
♦ Sparrows          
♦ And more!

The Ideal System for:
- Capturing feral animals
- Bringing canines under control
- Capturing wildlife
- Providing long range capture of skittish animals
- Allowing long reach capture of moving prey
- Humane containment of one or more animals

Super Talon Ultra Animal Catcher