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Stick-Em Bigfoot Cave Glue Trap for Rodents, Snakes, and Other Pests

  • Price $30.75 EACH
  • 16” x 10” glue board
  • Domed shape offers 360 degrees of catching area
  • Blacked out design for discreet placement
  • Easy-peel release paper and professional strength glue
  • Rats and smaller pests can even crawl on top of the Bigfoot Cave without collapsing it


Inspect your home for entry points and food sources.
If food is plentiful, breeding will occur. Inspect all cupboards and stored pet food in and around the home.


Use Stick-EM® Rat and Mouse Traps in all areas where you see any droppings, including nearby areas where they may be hiding. Cabinets, behind furniture, near household entry points, sides of garage doors, in attics and crawl spaces or basements are all likely areas.

TIP: Place every 6’ to better your chances.


Place Stick-EM® Glue Traps where rats or mice may run, such as: along walls, sides of refrigerator and stove, behind washers and dryers etc.


Seal all holes around pipes and wires leading into the structure. Repair all damaged vents, and install tight fitting door sweeps on entry door and garage doors. A mouse can enter a building through a 1/4 inch diameter hole and a rat through a hole 1/2 inch in diameter.