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Squirrel Eviction Door by Wildman Products WMP44

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The Eviction Door "Failure to pay rent!" is a one-way excluder door designed to evict nuisance squirrels from structures.

The Eviction Door features mounting wings, which allow for easy installation over the den's point of entry. The Eviction Door allows animals to exit, and prevents them from reentering.

This Eviction Door measures 4 in x 4 in x 2 in and is designed for large tree squirrels. It is constructed with heavy-duty 18 G cage panels with ½ in x ½ in openings and a 20 G stainless steel door. This Eviction Door is built to last with a small solid frame welded into place.

The compact design of these eviction doors is excellent for saving storage space and also for deployment in tight areas where traditional one way doors cannot fit. The unique door style also allows for placement in any position including directly up or down. 

Message from inventor Wildman Mark: My goal when building the Eviction Door was to create an excluder door that could be placed in any position. The traditional excluder doors on the market sometimes fail because of bad placement (e.g., facing downwards). The Eviction Door has been tested to resolve hundreds of squirrel conflicts already! My team and I have tested the Eviction Door in many positions and awkward areas with great success. After many months of trials, I'm confident in saying this Eviction Door is ready to take on any squirrel conflict.

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Fast delivery

Great service. Fast delivery. Exactly what we needed. Thanks - Tina Van Brackle

One way door works!

we got this door and put food on the outside. The squirrels came out without issue. The company was polite and responsive.

- Anonymous