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SpectrumV™ Holographic Bird Gel™ is an easy, economical, and effective sensory bird control solution. Each easy-to-apply disc contains an innovative gel that uses a combination of sight, sense and smell that repels birds keeping them away from edges, ledges, and more!

Bird Species: All birds

Bird Pressure: Light to medium

Where to Use

Rooflines, ledges, signs, I-beams, railings, gutters, window sills, HVAC units, parapet edges, equipment, street lights, and other places where nuisance birds may congregate.


Each PVC dish contains an innovative, non-toxic, proprietary gel that uses a combination of sight, sense and smell to keep birds away.


Each box contains (24) easy-to-apply U.V. protected PVC dishes.  


Easy. Consult the product installation instructions for dish placement guidelines. Dishes can be adhered to most surfaces. Silicone or other removable adhesive sold separately.

Holographic Bird Repellent Gel

SpectrumV™ Holographic Bird Gel™ is used to deter sparrows, pigeons, gulls, crows, starlings, woodpeckers, and other bird species from buildings and structures.

  • Sight - Holographic reflection technology creates visual hot spots that scares birds away.
  • Sense - When touched, birds do not like the sticky sensation on their feet, encouraging them to leave the area.
  • Smell - Proprietary blend of ingredients creates an aroma that is unpleasant to birds making this an instinctive bird repellent gel.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for commercial and residential use
  • Easy, economical, and effective
  • Effectively deters all bird species*
  • Protects edges, ledges, and more!
  • Low-cost humane solution
  • Tri-sensory bird repellent action
  • Easy to install - no assembly required
  • Non-toxic - not harmful to birds
  • U.V. protected - won’t degrade or discolor in sunlight
  • Built-in glue troughs for better dish adhesion
  • Product placement is fast and easy
  • Increasing coverage is as simple as placing an additional dish

*To reduce hazards to legally protected species and to avoid noncompliance with Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, follow all product installation instructions.




Goos product

Bought this product due to pidgeons that continually poop all over my backyard and around our in-ground pool. I used gorilla glue and set these on top of my fence. Its been about 3 weeks and so far so good. I need to buy a few more packages to fill the entire fence line. Product is kind of pricey but works well. No complaints at this point. - Anonymous