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Sparrow Trap Door: Trap Door w/Audio

  • Price $167.80 EACH

The Sparrow Trap Door with Audio comes complete with our integrated audio sparrow call module.

· A call will improve your catch rate and increase sparrow interest in the trap door.

· Male and female birds cannot resist the call and come running – you will be amazed at how fast it works!

· The module adheres directly to the rear of the feeding platform.

· Penetrations in the rear baffle of the trap amplify and direct the sound to draw birds into the bait area for capture.

· The battery powered audio call module is loaded with multiple call programs including constant call, time delay call, intermittent call, loud and soft call, etc.

· In sanitary and food safety applications where baited traps are not allowed the trap can be used with audio call alone. Batteries included. Battery runtime = approximately 7 days.