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Solar Seal is based on terpolymer technology, which offers an alternative to silicone & urethane sealants.  Protect your investments with high-performance terpolymer chemistry that provides exceptional weather resistance, adhesion, elongation and color stability.

Exceptional joint flexibility - Full UV protection - Exceptional adhesion - FIELD PROVEN OVER 27 YEARS - Paintable - Skins in 1 hour - 4 Season application.

10.3oz. tube.  2 year shelf life @ 75 degrees.  12 tubes per case.

Free shipping on 50 cases (600) tubes, and special discounts.  Please call for details.  800-674-3236

Best Sealant

Thick no sag sealant. Great flexibility in uses weather on its own or topcoating a backing in a gap SS wont let you down. Tools great with finger or a caulk squeegee. We use the Translucent (clear) for all our repairs-it blends well and bonds incredibly well with the substrate once cured. It does have a chemical odor while curing like any adhesive but cures fairly quickly.
- Anonymous

Solar Seal Review

Not only is this the best sealant for animal pest protection, John and his team offer the best pricing and prompt delivery! - Barnes Wildlife Control

Solar Seal for Wildlife Control Exclusion Repairs

Solar Seal is a great product and ATS has the best price and service! - Barnes Wildlife Control

Solar Seal

Great Price, Great Product, and Fast Shipping as always - Jared - Mole Control LLC

Great company

ATS is a great company. Polite, professional and super fast service. - Anonymous

Solar Seal is Cost Effective

I learned of the Technology behind Solar Seal While working in commercial roofing. But everything I found available non commercial was expensive. When properly handled and applied this is as good if not superior to the 3M equivalent. At half the price. But beware if you don’t use clean rags once each when using it on a Monday it will be in your Breakfast Thursday. It is that tenacious.

My primary Career was large commercial Marine vessels. This product holds up to time and UV at sea. - Gary

One of the best sealers out there

Solar seal hands-down is one of the best sealers out there! - Jay Wilkins

Game changer

I like how this product is always flexible and gives with the weather changes - Galen M

Great product and service!!

The Solar Seal is a great product and has many uses. We own a remodeling company and use it for sealing our window projects. I have always had great service and quick delivery...on time as expected!! - T in Lenexa

Solar Seal

This is an exceptional product I have used for years. It last very well, seals as it is intended. I consider it the best product for its purpose. - William Elmore

One of the best exclusionay products

Finally a vendor with an affordable bulk price on this incredible sealent! - Shlomo