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SOLAR PANEL 1/2" MESH 8" x 100' ROLL

  • Price $111.25 EACH

The solar panel mesh is designed to prevent pest birds, and other animals from accessing the area beneath solar arrays.  Animals will nest under the solar array, creating a huge mess, causing damage and costly repairs and clean-up.  

Protect wiring systems, solar panels and your roof with the solar panel mesh.

This solar panel mesh will cover a standard 3kW system (2 rows of 6 panels each - 12 panels total installed in a portrait orientation).

Solar Panel Mesh:

  • 1/2" mesh
  • 8" x 100 foot roll
  • .058" PVC Black Coated

Black PVC coated, 19-gauge, 1/2" wire mesh offers an effective long lasting exclusion screen where other products might fail. 

Comes in a 8" x 100' roll. 

Can be bent into custom shapes.

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Solid Product

This product is perfect for installing around solar panels to keep pigeons and other critters out. In addition, it will keep larger debris from collecting under the panels. It is pliable and easy to cut. It is durable and has a quality look to it. I wouldn't even compare it to chicken wire. - C. S.


So far so good NO pigeons - Kris

Happy Customer

Shipped immediately and good quality!
- Anonymous


Product is great easy to use looks good installs great. Very happy to continue using this product. - Thomas A.


Great product! - Anonymous

This mesh really works

We used this mesh to block our solar panels. This year the pigeons have been very busy building nests under my solar panels. I didn’t order enough the first time but used what we had to block the panels on the peak side. The pigeons got really confused because they could no longer use this entrance. It was fun watching them try to get under the panels. A couple came in from the lower side but then couldn’t figure out how to get out.
This mesh is very easy to bend to fit the panels but is very sturdy and impenetrable once installed. My neighbors are now ordering the mesh for their panels. My next door neighbor actually had the solar company install his mesh but he likes mine better. The reason is that his are screwed into the roof making removal difficult. With this mesh and clips, removal to replace the roof is much easier. I’m very happy that I ordered the mesh from Animal Traps. Service was very good and delivery was very quick. - Ann

So Happy

Had issues with pigeon. Bought this and installed it in a couple hours. Easy to work with and looks sharp. - J. WALKER