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The solar panel mesh is designed to prevent birds, squirrels, and other animals from accessing the area beneath solar arrays.  Animals will nest under the solar array, creating a huge mess, causing damage and costly repairs and clean-up.  

Protect wiring systems, solar panels and your roof with the solar panel mesh.

This solar panel mesh will cover a standard 3kW system (2 rows of 6 panels each - 12 panels total installed in a portrait orientation).

Solar Panel Mesh:

  • 1/2" mesh
  • 6" x 100 foot roll
  • .058" PVC Black Coated

Black PVC coated, 19-gauge, 1/2" wire mesh offers an effective long lasting exclusion screen where other products might fail. 

Comes in a 6" x 100' roll. 

Can be bent into custom shapes.

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Works great. Have had no issues with it. - Anonymous

Best Material

Best Pigeon Deterrent around - Prosol Pigeon Control

Does the job

No more annoying pigeon convention noises coming from the roof. I had 23 panels to protect taking around 150 feet of mesh and 90 clips. The mesh was easy enough to bend and strong enough to remain sturdy on the roof. I ordered from ATS because the price was significantly less than other competitors. Packaging was good enough and shipping was a fair time. My only recommendation is that the clips be black and not just the clip disks and the clips be made of a stronger metal material but for my needs it was sufficient. I will inspect a year from now and I will anticipate the material to hold up well enough to the elements. - Anonymous

Mesh Roll

the mesh rolls that we order are very easy to use and it is easy to shape on different tiles on the roof. I would highly recommend getting this for any pigeon guard because this is what my company uses all the time. - Aloha Exterior

Best mesh

Best material to keep pigeons out - prosol pigeon control

Solar Mesh roll

Product was easy to use and install. - Anonymous

As advertised

I got exactly what I expected. Flexible enough to shape to fit my system. Easy to cut, easy to install. Could not have been more satisfied with the product. - Txudawg

pigeons no more

use this on solar system great way to keep them out - Anonymous

Not Bad, prior version was better

When we first bought these, they were a great every day carry item to have on our truck for quick exclusion work, they work for temporary soffit repairs and for adding exclusion around areas a positivities set trap might leave open. When we bought our first batch, both edges of the rolls were "finished" and gave for a clean crisp look. The recent rolls we bought seem to have been "cut" with a bandsaw on one edge leaving exposed metal and no "hard edge" on one side. Wish they would go back to the old style for s=cosmetic reasons, but still a great EDC item on the truck. - Huntsman Wildlife