Sod Buster Hammer

  • Price $19.95 EACH
  • Reg Price $22.95

The Sod Buster Hammer weighs 4 lbs. and has a welded on solid steel cutting edge. 

The handle is designed to provide excellent gripping.

Sod Buster Hammer

    • Integral welded cutting blade
    • Bright orange fiberglass handle
    • Hefty 3-lb. head

This hammer is chosen more often by professional trappers than any other.  Hefty 3-lb. head easily drives anchor stakes into hard ground.

Its heavy-duty welded cutting blade makes short work of roots and other debris in your trap bed.

Weather-resistant, bright orange, fiberglass handle withstands years of trapline use and is easily spotted if dropped.

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This hammer is a beast. U got to have this hammer when setting traps makes the job a whole lot easier. - Ron