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       Snake Scram Professional is effective in deterring and repelling most snakes, including many venomous species such as rattlesnakes and copperheads.

While most snake species are harmless, many varieties can strike and bite if surprised or disturbed by human activity.

Snake Scram Professional is highly offensive to snake's Jacobson organ receptors and causes them to leave treated areas.

Covers 2,400 square feet.

  • It is a natural granular formula that contains no chemicals, does not wash away quickly, and is safe near children and pets.
  • Snake Scram Professional repels snakes immediately.
  • The snake repellent should be applied initially with 2 applications, 14 days apart maintenance applications should be every 30 days. 
  • All natural product - DOES NOT HARM ANIMALS
  • 22 lb. bucket covers 6,600 sq. feet
  • 8 lb. bucket covers 2,400 sq. feet
So far so good!

We were totally expecting a nasty repugnant smell and were pleasantly surprised at it's very pleasant fragrance. Delivery was prompt and it was easy to apply. - Jeanne

Snake scram purchase

I bought 2 8lb snake scram products from ATS. The items were exactly as described, arrived promptly and it’s priced better here. I’d rather use snake scram vs other products because it has a cinnamon scent and works pretty well. - Yinks