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Smoked Fish Paste 6oz.

  • Price $6.00 EACH
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    Smoked Fish Paste Bait from On Target is a unique paste that is a combination of smoked fish that has been aged to perfection then blended with just the right amount of tallow fat oil.

    The paste can work as a lure by itself or in combination with other baits and lures. Although it is semi-solid during the cold weather, it is still very easy to work with. During the hot summer it will liquefy but still give off the odor necessary to draw critters from long distances. Add Skunk Essence for coyote.

    Bait, lure, and urine can be used alone or in combinations to help you trap. Baits are used to attract animals to your sets and make them stay longer. Lures are used to attract animals to your sets from a distance. Urines can evoke fight, flight, or curiosity but generally get the animal’s guard down to a trap.