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Skyhawk Kiwi Sleeve

  • Price $13.00 EACH

The Skyhawk Kiwi Sleeve is a premier utility accessory designed to increase the utility of the Skyhawk Kiwi, as well as many other important features such as:

 Key Features

  • Increases the ruggedness of the Kiwi and protects it from damage
  • Dampens vibrations from rainfall and falling debris
  • Includes a built-in holder for the reed switch activation magnet
  • Simplifies the mounting process with a no-slip design and magnet installation guides


 With the purchase of every Kiwi Sleeve, you are eligible to upgrade to the free* Revision 2 firmware for the Skyhawk Kiwi. Revision 2 is a major firmware upgrade featuring dual-trigger notifications, allowing the Kiwi to distinguish between two separate sensor trigger notifications: trap vibrations and door-close events.

 The dual-trigger notifications reliably enable trapping technicians to know that a trap door has closed, and continuous vibration trigger notifications serve to further confirm a successful live animal capture.

 *To request the Revision 2 firmware update after purchasing a Kiwi Sleeve, please contact Skyhawk Support at


Size:  2.64" x 5.33" x 0.84"

Materials: Silicone

What is included: 

  • 1x Skyhawk Kiwi Sleeve
  • 3 feet of wire with pre-threaded magnet
  • 2x mounting magnets
  • 1x attachment clip