Skinner's Friend Hitch-Mount Skinning Post Kit

  • Price $92.95 EACH

Includes 2 post brackets and skinning gambrel.

If you already have the Hide Puller/Tail Stripper and Hide Clamp, this is the perfect addition to your toolbox!

The Post Bracket (comes with 2 brackets) is a unique tool that doubles as a Reese hitch insert to make a skinning post (that holds our game hanger; not included); and also becomes a hanger to support a gambrel. Just add your own 2x4 and you are ready to skin. Simply pull the chain for gambrel height adjustment, no need for a hoist. Rated for hanging up to 200 lbs. Includes all mounting screws.

Our Gambrel is the latest innovation in skinning gambrels with a built in 3-stage knife sharpener. Never have a dull knife again while skinning! 1000 lb. rated Kevlar cord hanging loops will hold the toughest animals. Swivel top link and two feet of chain for use in the post bracket. These parts are laser cut in the USA from strong 11 galvanized steel and will last a lifetime.