• Price $90.10 EACH

The Tomahawk model 306TX - Set Over Capture Cage was designed for cats that are easy to approach but are difficult or impossible to pick up.

This cage has a removable sheet metal bottom so that the cage can be set directly over a cat without having to force them into a door.  After the cage is over the cat simply slide the bottom tray in under its feet and lock it into place.

This cage also features a sliding transfer door on one end that lines up with our 10W x 12H" feral cat traps and also our Neighborhood Cats Drop Trap.  It also features large double handles for easy carrying and a large hand guard to protect from bites and scratches.

It is an ideal tool to have on hand when directly handling a feisty cat is not an viable option.

This cage measures 21L x 11W x 12H" and is constructed of 1 x 1" - 14 gauge wire mesh.