Scarey Man® Pre-Set Timer Unit

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  • Reg Price $1,450.00

This human-sized inflatable scarecrow combines sudden movement as it inflates with a siren-like noise, a bird-phobic color, and illumination at night.  The surprising effects frighten away birds, deer, and other animal pests as Scarey Man® inflates and deflates on a controlled time basis.

Meet Scarey Man®, the human-sized inflatable effigy designed to scare away birds and other wildlife.  Unlike the stationary scarecrow, this unit is highly dynamic.  It can go side to side or up and down as it inflates and deflates as dictated by the underlying mechanism.  Aside from the sudden movements, it can also emit a siren-like noise to enhance the effect.

This unit comes in a predominantly red color which is known to frighten birds.  Typical scarecrows are only useful in daylight when they can be seen but this one retains its effectiveness at night thanks to interior illumination. 

This is a perfect alternative and complement to the Scare-Away LP gas cannon for a wide range of bird and wildlife control.

Operating on a 12 volt battery (not included), Scarey Man rapidly inflates and deflates seven times over a 25 second period, then repeats the cycle every 18 minutes.  The Scarey Man is weather-proof, and the body is made of tough, UV resistant polyethylene.

The Scarey Man® Pre-set Timer Unit has a built-in programmable digital timer allowing users select up to eight different time periods during a 24 hour period.  Each day of the week can have its own settings which is handy for farms that follow a rigid schedule of activities. For best results, move the unit around and vary the settings to keep the element of surprise.