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17" tall, 10" wide.  

Trap Forks are great tools to use for isolating a trapped animal.  Just slide the fork down through the wire mesh openings of the live trap to isolate the animal at one end of the trap.

They are perfect for restraining an animal for an injection or to apply a catch pole or cat grasper.  They also make the release of an animal easy and stress free.  Just coax the animal to the back of the live trap and slide the divider into place.

Works with all cage traps.

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Great price and product

Great product and price. - K. R.

Trap Fork

Worked very well, however the cat managed to get her head through it so was just extra careful when placing food and water. - Lyn

Trap fork

This is a very heavy duty product to keep yourself safe when releasing or interacting with a trapped animal. I trap feral cats and even though they are sometimes able to be handled outside a trap, no animal is going to be safe from harm if it is scared. I trapped a raccoon once and this is the reason I wanted to buy the fork. It is hard to release an animal without one. I could have used this when I had to clean the traps with animals inside waiting to be neutered. - Anonymous

Safeguard Trap Fork

Great quality, we will purchase again - Mission Possible Animal Hosp

My Review

It’s a great product. Very useful. - Melissa Moore