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    The RodeXit® All-In-One Seal is sold by the foot

    Please check out the link below for more information about Rodexit:


    Chief Benefits:

    The RodeXit All-In-One seal is:

    • highly rodent resistant
    • easy and fast to install
    • durable
    • labor saving and cost effective

    It is made of heavy-duty SantopreneTM with an embedded gnaw proof barrier of 10 solid stainless-steel wires: 

    It can be used for pest and weather proofing all sorts of gaps including:

    • Threshold gaps of vertically opening doors such as garage doors.
    • Threshold gaps of horizontally opening doors such as hinged swing doors.
    • The vertical astragal gap between the 2 door leaves of horizontally opening double doors.
    • Stationary gaps such as pipe holes in walls.

    The All-In-One seal can be installed by means of A) screws and washers, B) double- sided tape, C) glue, D) a mounting strip of your customer’s choice, or E) behind a kickplate already installed on the door:

    Mounting by means of screws and washers is made easy and fast by the many screw hole markings and the symmetrical and foolproof design:

    All The Benefits

    1. Great protection against pests including rats and mice.

    2. More than 10 years durability under favorable circumstances.

    3. Extremely easy and fast installation – a hinged swing door can be proofed in less than 2 1/2 minutes, and a garage door can be proofed by a single person in less than 10 minutes.

    4. Easy trimming with common tin snips.

    5. Fool proof symmetrical design.

    6. Screw hole markings facilitate fast and perfect looking installation.

    7. Installation is possible on either side of a door.

    8. If an extra high degree of protection is called for, 2 layers can be installed: as a double layer on one side or a single layer on both sides.

    9. A layer on both sides of a door significantly improves the insulation properties and substantially reduces the heating and air-conditioning costs.

    10. The seal can be mounted by means of double-sided tap. That is relevant:

      • If screw holes are undesirable – e.g. if a very fine wooden door is to be proofed.

      • If the seal is to be mounted on a glass door, where mounting by means of screws isn’t an option.

    11. The All-In-One seal can be used for rodent proofing all sorts of gaps. That saves you from ordering and storing a wide array of different proofing products.

    12. The long rolls in small handy boxes are easy to store, handle, and transport.

    13. With a roll of RodeXit seal in the back of the service van you can fast and effectively handle most rodent proofing jobs on the spot.

    14. Minimal trimming waste when cutting proofing strips from a roll.

    15. Because the seal is symmetrical, it can be reused if the lower part has been worn or otherwise damaged. You simply dismount the seal, turn it upside-down and remount it.

    16. High cost-effectiveness due to:

      • Moderate price per yard/meter.
      • Easy, fast, and labor saving installation. • Long durability.
      • Minimal trimming waste.
      • Reusability.

    17. Optional use of wood strips or metal strips – e.g. cheap aluminum carpet trims – as aesthetically pleasing mounting strips.

    18. Usability in temperatures ranging from minus 40 to plus 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 60 degrees Celsius).

    19. Full compatibility with kick plates and brush weather strips, that both can be used as mounting strips.

    20. Easy cleaning.

    21. The seal is environmentally friendly as it consists of non-toxic materials, and the seal can be recycled as steel.

    Technical Specifications 

    Mounting Guides and Technical Specifications (please click the link below):




    RodeXit All-In-One Seal

    Elastic main component

    Extremely robust Santoprene thermoplastic elastomer

    Rodent resistant barrier

    10 close-set steel wires

    Steel wires

    Solid gnaw proof stainless-steel wires with a diameter of 0,04 inch (1 mm)

    Distance between the steel wires

    0.2 inch (5 mm) – i.e. too little for a mouse to squeeze through

    Distance between the edges and the first steel wires

    0.1 inch (3 mm)



    Cross sectional measures

    0.13 inch (3.2 mm) thick and 2.4 inches (62 mm) wide


    7.7 oz per yard (0.24 kg per meter)


    Anthracite gray 

    Screw hole markings

    A set of 4 for every 4 in (10 cm)



    Temperature range

    Minus 40 F to plus 140 F (-40 to +60 Celsius)

    Thermal expansion and contraction   


    Shore A Hardness

    Around 80


    Door sweep and rodent proofing seal

    Door sweep and rodent proofing seal                              Door sweep and rodent proofing seal

    Door sweep and rodent proofing seal                              Door sweep and rodent proofing seal

    Door sweep and rodent proofing seal                                     

                  Door sweep and rodent proofing seal                         Door sweep and rodent proofing seal

    Beautiful home door with Rodexit straight proofing strip

    3 garage doors with Rodexit straight proofing strip