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    Animal One Way Door – For removing raccoons, and other animals of similar size from attic, soffit, chimney, deck & more

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    R108 Rhino™ Raccoon Excluder One Way Door is the most innovative raccoon excluder device on the market. It is used by professional wildlife/pest control companies and DIY enthusiasts. This product is perfect for getting multiple raccoons out of attics, soffits, chimneys and under decks without having to come in contact with the animal.

    R108 model is designed to allow raccoons exit with ease and prevents them from getting back in. Installation made simple with 6 holes for secure fastening. Recommended: Use 16 gauge galvanized steel (1″ x 1″) mesh to cover the damaged area and install the one way door over the hole, over the mesh using zip ties.



    • SIZE: 8.25" X 10.5" X 1". Opening is 5.5" x 8.25"
    • WEIGHT: 1 LBS

    Need help removing raccoons? R108 Rhino™ Raccoon Excluder One Way Door is the best device you can use to humanely evict raccoons from attics, soffits, decks, sheds and chimneys. Don’t just block a hole! Install this device and make sure all raccoons are out before sealing and/or repairing any area.

    Installation Tips

    Install so that the plexi glass opens towards the outside. If raccoon hole is bigger than the dimensions of the one way door, use other material such as plywood or steel mesh (1″x1″) to cover the area and install the one way door over the material, right over the hole. Once installed, give it few days for raccoons to leave. After that period, do an inspection around the property (soffits, vents, pipes, roofline, etc) to make sure there is no new holes. If the noises have stopped & there is no more activity, then  you may remove the one way door and repair the hole. Make sure to secure it well, because raccoons will come back to try and get back in.

    During baby season, if you believe there are babies present, don’t install this door. Babies will not exit the den until fully mobile. Either remove the babies physically and reunite them with their mother outside or wait until the babies are mobile (following mother out of the den) before installing the one way door. If you have installed the door and still hear sounds due to babies, remove the door, wait few weeks and re-install the door. This will give the babies some time to grow bigger and become mobile.

    R108 - Rhino Excluders™ Raccoon One Way Door

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    Well my concern was was I dealing with mr or mrs. I dodged the bullet mr raccoon left his bachelor pad which i could not get to under the building no crawl space. Installed your trap door left food out for him and have not seen nor heard from him since. Great idea I recommend it. Oh yes I certainly enjoyed a cold beer. Was concerned about possible babies looks like I got lucky - Frank mangan

    Seems to have worked

    First put in strobE lights & sonic deterant in attic and some racoons left but raccoons kept digging back Into attic. Left Big hole for 2 weeks then covered with one way door. Had to screw soffit vents Back a couple more times but there gone now. I didn’t have to kill them. - One way door

    Simple and effective

    Simple and effective! - Anonymous


    I tried everything to get raccoons out of my attic. Nothing worked until I installed this trap door, then it was “coon-be-gone!” Follow the directions and this works! - Anonymous

    One way door

    We haven’t install the one way door yet because of the weather here in Columbus Ohio - Anonymous


    The door worked very very well. It is a very steady good door and easy to set up.
    We found out babies in the nest so as your recommendation we thought that we had to reset it and wait a few weeks.
    But I believe they were older and somehow went out from the door in the night when we set up.
    Then they never came back!

    Also the staff at the office were very helpful. Thank you so much!!
    We can use this again! ( of course we don't them to come back... ) - Anonymous

    Well made product

    We purchased this item because a groundhog had been visiting the area below our enclosed porch, and we were concerned they might be living there. We planned to close off the area with hardware cloth but did not want to accidentally trap the animal inside. By closing up the entire area and leaving the entrance covered with the one way door we confidently leave a one way escape route. It was easy to install, and 2 weeks later we removed it and closed up the opening. It was the perfect item for this project, and it seems we are groundhog free. - Anonymous

    Great customer service

    Had to return it before I used it because the raccoons were already gone. Very easy return. - Anonymous

    Racoon Extruder

    I initially called out a company to eradicate a family of raccoons. When they quoted me over $3k, I knew their had to be a better option. I found the raccoon extruder, over the internet. They were offering this brilliant, yet inexpensive option, so I purchased it and it worked like a charm. I located the entry they had I to my home, attached the extruder to a sheet of plywood and installed. About 45 minutes later, I hear a ruckus on my roof and a family of extremely irritated raccoons had been displaced.

    I would highly recommend using this product. It's quality built and I received the product within 4 days of placing the order!

    Thanks for the $3k savings - you guys are varmints worst enemy and my best friend! - Keith

    Wonderful Company

    I was very concerned about animals under a side porch which I was planning to have a mason close up with two rows of blocks this past November. It was already winter so I knew an animal or two had taken up residence! I googled and found the perfect solution with the one way door! The price was reasonable but best of all it arrived very quickly and no mailing fees. The mason took the info and said he will let his customers know about your wonderful company. Small business is the life line of our country and I am so happy to spread the news about your company!! - Kay Walshe

    It worked

    The flat design is unobtrusive. It can be left in place for a recurring intrusion from persistent animals who find another entrance. One can close off the new entrance and the excluder is ready for their exit only. It worked. - Anonymous