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Rhino Excluders™ PROCHUTE™ One Way Door

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For pest control operators (PCOs), relying on products that don't consistently perform, like traditional one-way doors for raccoons, can be frustrating and costly. When these products fail, it not only drains resources but also tarnishes the reputation of the company. Imagine investing time and money into a solution only to have it disappoint both you and your clients. However, there's a beacon of hope in the form of Rhino Excluders® one way doors. Designed with innovation at their core, Rhino Excluders® promise a departure from the norm. With a design that sets them apart and performance that speaks for itself, Rhino Excluders® redefine expectations in the pest control industry. Say goodbye to unreliable solutions and embrace a new standard of excellence.

Expect more with Rhino Excluders®.

PROCHUTE™ One Way Door is a patent pending eviction device, designed to humanely remove raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, opossums, rabbits and similar size animals from attics, chimneys, decks/sheds and similar structures. PROCHUTE™ body is made from durable 5mm ABS plastic. Two 1 inch hinges secure the plexi glass to the body with minimal gap allowing for a smooth, effortless exit with no chance of getting back in. Installation made simple with 6 holes for secure fastening.

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Size: 11L” x 9W” x 7H” (Scape Chute Opening: 7″x7″)

Weight: 2.8 lbs

Color: Black

Benefits of using PROCHUTE™
  • Removes Most Common Nuisance Wildlife
  • Humane Removal (No Stress On Wildlife)
  • No Direct Contact With Wild Animal
  • Allows Multiple Animals To Exit (No Limit)
  • Quick Eviction Process
  • Can Be Installed Any Position