RGF PIP-MAX™ Portable Air Purification System

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  • Reg Price $372.00

The PIP-MAX™ portable air purification system utilizes RGF’s patented REME-HALO® technology reducing air pollutants such as bacteria, microbials, viruses, mold, smoke, and VOCs. Leveraging ionization the PIP-MAX™ provides the added benefit of reducing airborne allergens, dust and particulates. Plugging directly into the existing wall outlet, the PIP-MAX™ can be installed in any room and offers an additional power outlet on the unit housing. Quickly and reliably resolve all your air quality issues with the portable PIP-MAX™ active air purification system.

Why Use RGF's REME-HALO® Technology?
The PIP-MAX™ utilizes a PHI-CELL® to reduce bacteria, viruses, and odors in combination with an automatic, self-cleaning ion generator to coagulate ultrafine airborne particles making them easier to remove from the air. Indoor air quality is greatly improved with the PIP-MAX™ installed in your home or business.

Features & Benefits:

•REME-HALO® technology
•Easy installation
•Tamper proof
•Low maintenance
•High/Low Fan Switch 
•Built-in electrical outlet
•2 year warranty


•Hotel rooms
•Public restrooms
•Smoking lounges
•Locker rooms
•Schools / Colleges

Model #PIP-MAX

Dimensions 6.25”L x 3.75”D x 10”H

Electrical 110 VAC 50 watts

Controls On / Off / Low / High

Weight 2 lbs.

Material Aluminum / Polymers

Advanced Oxidation

Less than .04 ppm

Replacement PHI Cell(1) PHIC-PIP-GA-MAX

Replacement Pre-filter(1) FL-PIP-01

Coverage Up to 800 sq ft.

Warranty 2 Years (U.S. only)


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