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RGF PIP-MAX™ Portable Air Purification System

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The PIP-MAX™ portable air purification system utilizes RGF’s patented REME-HALO® technology reducing air pollutants such as bacteria, microbials, viruses, mold, smoke, and VOCs. Leveraging ionization the PIP-MAX™ provides the added benefit of reducing airborne allergens, dust and particulates. Plugging directly into the existing wall outlet, the PIP-MAX™ can be installed in any room and offers an additional power outlet on the unit housing. Quickly and reliably resolve all your air quality issues with the portable PIP-MAX™ active air purification system.

Why Use RGF's REME-HALO® Technology?
The PIP-MAX™ utilizes a PHI-CELL® to reduce bacteria, viruses, and odors in combination with an automatic, self-cleaning ion generator to coagulate ultrafine airborne particles making them easier to remove from the air. Indoor air quality is greatly improved with the PIP-MAX™ installed in your home or business.

Features & Benefits:

•REME-HALO® technology
•Easy installation
•Tamper proof
•Low maintenance
•High/Low Fan Switch 
•Built-in electrical outlet
•2 year warranty


•Hotel rooms
•Public restrooms
•Smoking lounges
•Locker rooms
•Schools / Colleges

Model #PIP-MAX

Dimensions 6.25”L x 3.75”D x 10”H

Electrical 110 VAC 50 watts

Controls On / Off / Low / High

Weight 2 lbs.

Material Aluminum / Polymers

Advanced Oxidation

Less than .04 ppm

Replacement PHI Cell(1) PHIC-PIP-GA-MAX

Replacement Pre-filter(1) FL-PIP-01

Coverage Up to 800 sq ft.

Warranty 2 Years (U.S. only)

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This is the best air purifier I have found and Animal trap supplies had the best price
Thank You - Don

Great travel device for the family

My family is really sensitive to mold so we needed something that we could potentially travel with. This tool fit the bill. Overall small enough in size to pack into a luggage case and easy to setup. This unit is not generally intended to be used in this manner, but it is what we use it for and does the job for us when we are at a new location and are unsure of the quality of air that we are breathing in within our bedroom or where we are sleeping. - Anonymous