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  • Price $43.00 EACH

The Repeller 360°™ is a spinning visual bird deterrent used to prevent large birds from landing.

The Repeller 360° uses wind power to spin continuously. Covering areas up to 6 ft. in diameter, the Repeller 360° features reflective “predator eyes” at the end of each arm to confuse and scare birds from coming near the protected area.

The Repeller 360° is made of stainless steel arms attached to a UV protected polycarbonate base. At the end of each “arm” attached to the top of the Repeller is a reflective “predator eye”. The spinning motion and reflective predator eye will work to scare birds and prevent them from landing in treated areas.

The Repeller 360° is manufactured by Bird-B-Gone in the USA!

  • Wind powered - no electricity needed!
  • Spins continuously to prevent birds from landing!
  • Reflective “Predator Eyes” on “Sails” help deter birds from the area.
  • Variety of mounting bases available!
  • Helps eliminate unsightly messes and stains caused by bird feces.
  • High wind tested - will not break or fall off in high wind areas.
  • Easy to install; Easy to store.
  • Made in the USA by Bird-B-Gone, Inc.!
  • The Repeller 360° is ideal for use in many settings:

    ♦ Boats / Boat Covers and Canvases
    ♦ Docks
    ♦ Biminis
    ♦ Light posts
    ♦ Air conditioner units
    ♦ Skylights
    ♦ Dock pilings
    ♦ Signs
    ♦ Rooftops


    Effective For:

    The Repeller 360° is effective for large pest birds including:

    ♦ Pigeons
    ♦ Crows
    ♦ Gulls
    ♦ Cormorants
    ♦ Raptors

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This product is very helpful in keeping birds off of our dock here in Florida.
Thank you also for providing us with the extra decals.....very good service. - Anonymous