• Price $335.00 EACH
  • Reg Price $340.00

The original Scare-Away model is still going strong!

Our tried and true Model M3 utilizes a flint ignition system.  Each flint is capable of producing up to 1,000 ignitions, making 130 dB shots for harmless and efficient bird and wildlife control.

Shots are controlled by the adjustable needle valve from as short as 30 seconds to as long as 15 minutes.

The use of ear protection is recommended when operating the M3.  

It is designed to be fired in an open field and placed on a flat ground.

For safety best safety practices, do not operate the M3 near dry vegetation or material.

For best results, change locations and vary the rate of fire often.

Multiple shots at irregular intervals during a short period of time are an extremely effective means of dispersing bird and wildlife pests. 

Protect your investment from bird and wildlife infestation with the Scare-Away line of LP gas cannons. They automatically produce harmless thunderclap bangs to disperse birds and wildlife from areas such as fruit and vegetable crops, cereal crops, orchards, vineyards, campuses, golf courses, fish ponds, parks, airfields, and landfills.

With its harmless 130 decibel bang, the Scare-Away is the loudest LP gas cannon available, and decibels matter; a variation of as few as five decibels can easily add five more acres of coverage!

It operates on the same 5 gallon LP gas cylinder as your outdoor grill and fires approximately 5,000 shots per cylinder. The cost to frighten and disorient unwanted birds and wildlife? Pennies a day!

Choose from four different models – the M3, M4, M8, and the all new R4 – and get started with your bird control program today!