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  • Price $44.00 EACH

Improve efficiency and speed with our 15 mm double shot launcher.

Also designed for use with our Bird Banger, Screamer Siren, and Bird Banger EXP cartridges, the RJ2 is designed to fire two cartridges – one after the other.  It does this by re-cocking itself after the first cartridge has been launched, allowing the other cartridge to be ready for firing. It is highly reliable, efficient, robust, and affordable to purchase and use.

Simply pull the hammer into the cocked position, secure two 6 mm blank primers in the two angled chambers, insert your Bird Banger, Screamer Siren, or Bird Banger EXP cartridges into the two muzzles, point the launcher down range at a 45 degree angle, and you are ready to scare!

For your protection, always use ear and eye protection when firing pyrotechnics.  Avoid firing in close proximity to humans, livestock, dry vegetation, or other flammable materials.  The 15 mm double shot launcher should only be used outdoors and should never be fired from a vehicle.

Our double shot launcher should be cleaned regularly to prevent carbon build-up in the barrel and chamber.